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Brainlab Functional Neurosurgery

Seamless Solutions for
Drug-resistant Epilepsy

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Brainlab Functional Neurosurgery

Seamless Solutions for Drug-resistant Epilepsy

Brainlab epilepsy solutions bridge the gaps between hypothesis formulation, advanced sEEG planning, electrophysiology information and the navigation of surgical platforms for streamlined treatment execution and communication between clinical teams.
Workflow enhancement every step of the way
From hypothesis formulation to preoperative planning to sEEG implantation through surgical intervention, Brainlab offers a unique solution at every individual step to enhance the existing workflow. With options for advanced planning and visualization tools and robotic platforms for epilepsy surgery and imaging, Brainlab epilepsy solutions can fit into your workflow at any stage.
Collaborative platform for planning and analysis
Plan and analyze individual sEEG electrodes on a contact level, then gain an unparalleled 3D visualization of the surgical plan with user-customizable electrode templates that give both surgery and neurology teams unprecedented control and understanding over the surgical plan.
Courtesy of Elekta: Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System
Robotic support for precise sEEG placement
Seamlessly integrated into the Brainlab product ecosystem, the Cirq® robotic system can support safe and effective sEEG electrode placement. 1 Based on clinically proven optical navigation, the Cirq robotic system’s sEEG workflow enables surgeons to monitor accuracy and increase efficiency during procedures and benefit from the system’s easy setup.

“3D visualization is important for [epilepsy] resection surgery. I utilize Brainlab automatic segmentation to help me choose the surgical approach based on anatomical variations and to help orient myself.”

Daniel Delev, Aachen University Hospital

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Managing epilepsy –
from supporting diagnosis to surgical intervention and postop review

Phase I – Preparation for sEEG

The DICOM Viewer supports multi-modal diagnostic imaging and provides a single environment to review and share all relevant patient imaging for hypothesis formulation. Best-in-class image fusion software provides accurate co-registration to allow simultaneous review and seamless blending of datasets.
Elements Object Manipulation enables users to visualize patient-specific structures created from an advanced voxel-by-voxel analysis of the patient’s imaging studies and bring these objects into trajectory planning.
Advanced trajectory planning and modeling tools facilitate the visualization of the exact location of planned sEEG leads and the precise location of the recording contacts within patient anatomy using user-built 3D electrode models.

Phase II – sEEG implantation surgery

With Brainlab Alignment Software Cranial and the Cirq robotic platform, users can seamlessly bring sEEG trajectory workflows from planning to surgical implantation through integrated hardware and software solutions.
Either individually or together as part of the Brainlab Functional Neurosurgery Robotic Suite, users can leverage the powerful intraoperative imaging capabilities of the Loop-X® robotic imaging device for patient registration in the O.R. through Automatic Image Registration (AIR), frame localization or bone fiducial visualization to save time and enhance accuracy.
When using the Cirq Arm System, take advantage of a modular, rail-mounted robotic system that utilizes proven optical navigation technology to reliably implant sEEG leads under live tracking to ensure accuracy at every step.

Phase III – Turning sEEG results into surgical treatment planning

Following sEEG implantation, automatically verify the placement of trajectories with Elements Lead Localization and determine individual contact locations on the leads via powerful 3D visualization.
With the Mixed Reality Viewer, unlock a powerful tool for collaboration in preparation for surgical planning. Use 3D visualization of specific patient structures to aid in reviewing the surgical approach and orientation to specific patient anatomical variations.
Bring your plan full circle with advanced Brainlab cranial navigation solutions that enable the most comprehensive image guided surgical treatment, utilizing microscope integration, Ultrasound navigation, imaging and more.

Automating Frameless
Stereotactic Neurosurgery

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Automating Frameless
Stereotactic Neurosurgery

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Improving Workflow Efficiency with Modern Technology

Learn how renowned clinicians utilize Brainlab Elements to integrate modern technology and 3D visualization to improve workflow efficiency.

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Cirq in combination with the Alignment Software Cranial for sEEG procedures is not yet commercially available in several countries. Please contact your sales representative.