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Imaging for Functional Neurosurgery

Transforming Surgery
with Mobile Robotic Imaging

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Courtesy of Elekta: Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System

Imaging for Functional Neurosurgery

Transforming Surgery with Mobile Robotic Imaging

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Loop-X® is a mobile imaging robot developed for intraoperative 2D and 3D imaging. In the context of the Brainlab Functional Neurosurgery portfolio, Loop-X can provide stereotactic frame localization, intraoperative scans for lead placement verification, 2D shots for lead depth verification and Automatic Image Registration (AIR) scans for navigation.


Consistent ease of use and access to patient

When it comes to cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) solutions, Loop-X has the largest bore size on the market, making it easy to test and monitor patients at any time before, during and after surgery. Due to its non-isocentric imaging, patients are always the focal point and do not need to be positioned at the center of the gantry.

Fast and automated stereotactic frame localization

Loop-X can acquire stereotactic frame localizer scans right at the intervention site, eliminating the need for the patient to be transferred to another room during functional neurosurgery procedures. Both the image quality and scan volume provided by Loop-X combined with Elements Stereotaxy also enable users to perform accurate localization.

Time efficiency and accuracy in the O.R.

The advanced mobile imaging technology from Loop-X enables medical professionals to perform real-time accuracy checks by using 3D spins or 2D shots to view implanted leads and electrodes. The robotic functionality of Loop-X stores each imaging position which facilitates fast and automated re-acquisition of control images. Automatic Image Registration (AIR) accelerates image transfer to the (optional) navigation system and can also transfer relevant information to Cirq® for sEEG.

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Experience Loop-X in a functional neurosurgery workflow

  • Before surgery even begins, clinical teams can leverage the potential of Loop-X to save time and maximize patient comfort.
  • Loop-X offers non-isocentric imaging. As a result, medical professionals can focus more on achieving accurate patient registration rather than trying to perfectly align a patient’s head to the center of the bore.
  • Regardless of whether the stereotactic procedure is frame-based or frameless, Loop-X supports users in accurately localizing both registration fiducials and frame localizers.
  • When combined with Brainlab Navigation and Cirq, Loop-X can also provide fast and accurate image registration.
  • When it comes to functional neurosurgical procedures, millimeters matter.
  • Loop-X is therefore designed to enable medical professionals to take fast and well-collimated 2D images for rapid and dose-sparing implantation accuracy verification at any point during the implantation of a lead, probe or set of electrodes.
  • When performing a procedure with navigation support, surgical teams can also re-register a patient whenever needed by using a 3D scan including a fast AIR.
  • Once the surgical procedure is complete, Loop-X can perform a final scan of the patient.
  • The 3D image from the scan can then be fused and blended with the preoperative plan in Brainlab Elements to ensure that the leads are properly implanted in the preplanned and intended region of the patient’s brain.

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