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Orthopedic Surgery Products

Brainlab offers a range of solutions for the orthopedic surgical workflow, from preoperative planning to intraoperative imaging to postoperative evaluation and sharing. Brainlab orthopedic technology is used in about 40,000 cases each year, helping minimize the challenges of precision and reproducibility and achieve desired outcomes for patients and surgeons.

This growing standard-of-care technology, used in over 3,000 facilities worldwide, allows clinicians to more effectively plan, perform and document procedures and offers substantial benefits for patients, which may include increased surgical accuracy, faster recovery and prosthetic longevity.

TraumaCad®Orthopedic Digital Templating software provides surgeons with digital tools to perform preoperative planning and simulate the expected results prior to surgery. For accurate calibration, Brainlab offers KingMark and VoyantMark calibration devices for hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle X-Rays.

Brainlab software guided surgery for knee, hip and trauma procedures, allow surgeons to plan and simulate orthopedic outcomes before any incision has been made and react intraoperatively to the surgical situation. Using the software to verify what has been done after each step, surgeons can potentially correct any misalignments during the procedure and therefore may reduce the possibility of revision surgery while improving the overall functionality of the new joint. With automatically generated treatment reports, documentation can be enhanced and results can easily be shared with patients, implant reps and physicians.

For more information on hip and knee navigation, please visit our partner Smith+Nephew, which now owns the Brainlab orthopedic joint reconstruction business.