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Hip Navigation Application

Software-Guided Hip Surgery

Brainlab software-guided hip surgery supports orthopedic surgeons in accurate component positioning and leg length and offset measurement

Software-guided hip surgery
Easy image registration for hip replacement surgeries

Flexible Setup for any Approach

Malpositioning of implant components is one major cause of early joint dislocation, limited range of motion, early implant wear or leg length discrepancies¹,². Software-guided surgery helps to overcome those challenges by providing additional information for any surgical approach.

Brainlab software-guided surgery for hip replacement provides the optimal usage for various surgical approaches³.

  • 5-Step-Registration method
  • Easy and fast registration in supine and lateral patient position
  • No repositioning required in lateral patient position
  • Pinless fixation at the femur
Software screen showing final check for leg length and offset with Brainlab Hip 6.0

Restoration of Leg Length & Offset

Managing leg length and femoral offset is critical to successful total hip replacement surgery. Brainlab software for leg length and offset control is a measurement tool to precisely and consistently affect these variables without changes to the surgical routine.

  • Only two registration steps required
  • Pinless femoral reference
  • No patient repositioning required in lateral patient position
  • Fast and intuitive workflow
  • Also available as a standalone leg length and offset-only application
Live Cup Navigation with Image Guided Hip Surgery Software

Improved Cup Positioning

The visual guidance of the navigation software for hip replacement offers several tools to help accurately place the artificial components and, therefore, has the potential to lower dislocation rates and improve implant longevity.

With Brainlab software-guided surgery for hip, the cup can intuitively be placed supported by live values for anteversion and inclination angles.

  • Implant sizing assistance
  • Restoration of native joint center
  • Verification of full implant seating
  • Anatomical implant placement
Documentation for post-hip surgery patient consultation

Documentation & Communication Tool

Navigation helps to enable surgeons to achieve the desired outcome established during preoperative planning, while allowing surgeons to react intraoperatively.

Furthermore, all data and results can be exported to reports for documentation and patient communication.

  • Easy and reliable documentation
  • Fast data export for post-operative use
  • Preoperative planning reports and software guided surgery reports can easily be shared
Brainlab Universal Cup Inserter for minimally invasive Software-Guided Hip Surgery

Universal Instrumentation

Brainlab universal instrumentation enables the orthopedic surgeon to easily, accurately and reproducibly align implant components during total hip replacement surgery.

  • No cumbersome intraoperative calibration necessary
  • Implant-specific inserts to navigate a variety of hip implant vendors
  • Designed for both standard and minimally invasive surgery


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Davis ET, Baethis H, Mayman D, Wegner M, Schubert M, Gneiting S. A new registration method for imageless computer navigation in total hip arthroplasty: a cadaveric study [abstract].
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