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ENT Navigation Application

Electromagnetic ENT

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ENT Navigation Application

Electromagnetic ENT Navigation

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Kick EM offers electromagnetic surgical navigation with no line of sight issues for ENT sinus procedures

Electromagnetic ENT navigation by Brainlab with integrated HD endoscope video

Easy-to-Use Navigation

Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation1 addresses the need for simple intraoperative visualization during functional endoscopy sinus surgery (FESS). With advanced setup flexibility and its articulated arm, Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation allows for optimal placement of the tracking unit near the patient’s head with no line of sight issues. Step-by-step animated workflows guide the user through the system setup and procedure.

ENT navigation provides enhanced visualization on a full high-definition drapeable touch display. An integrated endoscope and continuous tracking of surgical instruments enable surgeons to achieve better results through more complete resections. The small patient reference can be easily taped or single-screw mounted anywhere on the skull where skin shift is unlikely.

  • Animated workflow guidance ensures a smooth procedure
  • Navigation based on DICOM or enriched DICOM data
  • Simultaneous navigation in different datasets
  • Combines relevant details in overlaid views
  • Setup and distortion check
  • Seamless import of all Elements and iPlan® data
  • More precise, cost-effective treatments, with lower revision occurrence

Intraoperative Remote Control

Sterility and time are of the essence in the O.R. Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation, therefore, offers complete remote control of the system directly from the sterile field using the EM pointer. Documentation is an important element for research and communication between surgeons and patients; With a simple click of the pointer button, screenshots can be taken and saved back. In addition, the pointer remote control features instrument calibration, screen freeze and patient registration.

  • User interface designed for remote- and touch screen control
  • Workflow commands
  • Instrument calibration
  • Screenshot documentation
  • Freeze view
  • Patient registration
Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation offers complete remote control of the system
Fast surface matching with EM registration pointer

Streamlined Registration

Brainlab electromagnetic ENT navigation offers a precise, workflow-guided process for registering the patient with the system. Registration is simple with the EM Pointer, which registers CT and MR images without headsets or markers, negating the need for registration scans and enabling smooth surface matching. The remote capability of the EM pointer allows the surgeon to progress through all registration steps without touching the navigation monitor.

  • Simple surface matching with EM Pointer
  • Anatomical landmark registration
  • Partially automatic donut marker detection
  • 3D display of patient data for identification of registration area
  • Automatic 3D thresholding for optimized registration results
  • Visual and acoustic registration status information

Electromagnetic Instrument Navigation

The EM Instrument Adapter integrates third party and Brainlab instruments2, such as curved or straight pointers and various suctions, with the navigation system. The ENT navigation software enables instrument tip calibration in seconds without foot switches or drop down menus.

  • Integration of 3rd party instruments with EM Instrument Adapter
  • Large tracking volume for optimized tracking of instruments
  • Straightforward integration with reusable instrument reference
  • Integrates up to three instruments simultaneously
  • Point to point distance indication of tracked instruments
  • Dedicated Brainlab pointer tips and suctions for numerous procedures
  • Seamless integration of multidebriders, e.g. Olympus Diego® Elite Multidebrider®
Easy 3rd party instrument integration, e.g. Olympus Diego® Elite Multidebrider

Advanced Optical ENT Navigation

Brainlab also offers optical navigation, giving ENT surgeons the freedom to choose their preferred tracking technology. Optical navigation offers advanced touchless surface matching with Z-touch®, a wireless handheld laser pointer, for combined accuracy and convenience while quickly registering the patient. Brainlab optical adapter clamps, together with the universal instrument integration matrix, enable the integration of rigid instruments into the optical navigation procedure, such as Blakesley forceps, suctions, microdebriders and tubes.

  • Choice between electromagnetic and optical navigation
  • Navigation-ready in less than three minutes
  • Combined surface matching registration
  • Point to point distance indication of tracked instruments
  • Seamless integration of multidebriders, e.g. Olympus Diego® Elite Multidebrider®



Not yet commercially available in the USA

Instrument compatibility is automatically verified during calibration process.