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Cranial EM Navigation Application

Workflow Guidance. Intuitive Control.

Cranial electromagnetic surgical navigation software is made for straightforward pinless cranial procedures.

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Electromagnetic Navigation software for pinless cranial surgery procedures
EM navigation animated setup guidance

Step-by-Step Workflow Guidance

The articulated arm of the Brainlab electromagnetic (EM) navigation system1 allows for optimal placement of the field generator near the patient’s head. A full high-definition drapable touch display provides visual guidance during the procedure. Step-by-step animated workflows guide the user through the system setup and procedure. A small patient reference can easily be taped or single-screw mounted anywhere on the skull where skin shift is unlikely.

  • Animated workflow guidance ensures a smooth procedure
  • Navigation based on DICOM or enriched DICOM data
  • Field Generator positions for patients in supine, lateral, prone or seated
  • Setup and distortion check
  • On-the-fly universal instrument calibration 
  • Supports patient head with gel pad on table or radiolucent horseshoe holder
  • Compatible with radiolucent head clamps
EM navigation animated registration guidance

Simple Registration

Cranial EM software offers a precise, workflow-guided process for registering the patient with the system. Registration is done by quickly locating three predefined landmarks and freely selecting additional surface points on the skin with the unsterile registration pointer. The system automatically matches the patient’s anatomy to the loaded patient data.

  • Fast surface matching
  • Anatomical landmark registration
  • Semiautomatic donut marker detection
  • Short-tip registration pointer
  • 3D display of patient data for identification of registration area
  • Automatic 3D thresholding for optimized registration results
  • Visual and acoustic registration status information 
Trajectory planning for electromagnetic surgical navigation

On-the-Fly Trajectory Planning

Kick EM Cranial is designed for complete touchscreen-free control with its integrated remote control. With a click, surgeons can freeze the screen, take a screenshot, or acquire a trajectory. This unique method of trajectory planning with the pointer in the sterile field is particularly helpful for shunt placement. The entry point is defined by the pointer tip with the trajectory created automatically along the pointer axis and adjusted by clicking until the surgical target is reached. The new, automatic Autopilot view helps the surgeon to align the tip-tracked stylet and hit the target.

  • Workflow flexibility with intraoperative planning
  • Remote controlled planning steps
  • Entry point definition and update
  • Trajectory length adjustment
  • Intuitive Autopilot view
Electromagnetic Navigation Disposable Stylet

Navigated EM Disposable Stylet

The Brainlab EM Disposable Stylet is designed for the navigated placement of shunts or ventricular catheters in neurosurgery, enabling their quick and easy freehand placement. The incorporated sensor is automatically recognized by the navigation field generator, allowing for immediate tracking.

  • Navigation-ready pre-calibrated tool
  • Shunt/catheter vendor independent
  • Compatible diameter 1.3 – 1.9 mm, length up to 250 mm