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Ultrasound Navigation

A real-time
imaging solution

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Ultrasound Navigation

A real-time intraoperative imaging solution

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Live Intraoperative Imaging

Ultrasound Navigation is a real-time intraoperative imaging solution that complements cranial image guided surgery systems. With a small footprint, it’s suitable for almost every neurosurgical O.R. Live ultrasound images overlaid onto preoperative patient data allow for visualization and assessment of brain shift. 3D scanning of the cavity helps identify residual tumor and maximize the extent of resection.

On-the-fly intraoperative imaging with Ultrasound Navigation


Navigate on real-time images

To ensure accuracy, neurosurgeons should ideally work with the most up-to-date anatomical images during surgery. With Ultrasound Navigation, real-time ultrasound images can be overlaid in 2D or 3D onto preoperative 3D patient images to perpetually provide accurate orientation as well as resection progress compared to historical data.

Visualize brain shift

Brain shift can cause discrepancies between navigated preoperative MR or CT data and actual patient anatomy, especially after dura opening and particularly during tumor resection. Intraoperative images acquired with Ultrasound Navigation software allow for the instant identification and assessment of brain shift, enabling the surgeon to compensate for it.

Achieve planned results

Repeated 3D ultrasound scans throughout the procedure ensure continuous monitoring of resection progress. Direct navigation on these updated images additionally allows for verification of the actual extent of resection (EOR) with the planned EOR.

Acquire images faster

In addition to being a low-cost, high-accuracy mode of intraoperative imaging, Ultrasound Navigation presents minimal interruption of the surgical workflow compared to other imaging modalities. The software facilitates scanning and reconstruction of 3D ultrasound data faster than intraoperative MR and intraoperative CT.

Brainlab in conversation with neurosurgeons

Michael Bartos, MD, specializes in cranial neurosurgery and has gained extensive experience in navigated ultrasound in glioma surgery since 2013. Here he describes how Ultrasound Navigation complements image guided surgery to provide a comprehensive solution for resection control.

Jan Coburger, MD, specializes in neuro-oncology and started using Navigated Ultrasound in 2006. Watch this 4-minute interview to hear why Navigated Ultrasound has become an important part of any intracranial case for him.

Product Highlights

Brainlab neuronavigation integrates with BK ultrasound devices for intraoperative updates of patient data in real-time

Digital ultrasound integration

Ultrasound Navigation software is based on a digital connection rather than conventional analog transmission, which often results in loss of image quality. Digital integration allows for instant transmission of additional, valuable information, such as the probe’s scan depth and image settings, without the need to calibrate separately.

  • Digital transmission without loss of ultrasound image quality
  • Dedicated neurosurgery configuration of ultrasound device simplifies system setup for cranial imaging
  • Full compatibility with BK Medical Flex Focus 800, bk5000 and bkActiv and corresponding neurosurgery transducers

Live imaging navigation

Brainlab offers navigation of both 2D and 3D ultrasound data at an unprecedented level of image quality. Superimposition of live 2D ultrasound images onto preoperative patient data allows for direct comparison with intraoperative status. After performing an ultrasound scan, a volumetric dataset is available for 3D navigation in axial, coronal, sagittal or any other reconstructed view.

  • Serial acquisition of 3D ultrasound data for dynamic control of resection progress
  • Navigation on 3D ultrasound images using a pointer or any other navigated instrument
  • Easy comparison of historical data in axial, coronal and sagittal planes
Easy comparison of intraoperative 3D ultrasound data with preoperative data in axial, coronal and sagittal reconstructions

Pre-calibrated, sterilizable neurosurgical probes supporting streamlined plug-and-play workflows

Pre-calibrated transducers

For even more streamlined “plug-and-play” workflows, BK Medical neurosurgery transducers are sterilizable and pre-calibrated for navigation, eliminating inconvenient user calibration in the sterile field.

  • Craniotomy probe for high-resolution imaging after craniotomy
  • Burr hole probe for extra guidance during precise puncture procedures
  • Hockey Stick probe with adjustable tip1

Simplified views

Brainlab Ultrasound Navigation provides automatic view layouts optimized for ultrasound interpretation. These views make ultrasound data more comprehensible regardless of the level of experience with this imaging modality.

  • Overlay functionality helps the user with orientation while navigating
  • Thresholding options assist with orientation and easy comparison with preoperative data
  • Superimposition of two separate 3D ultrasound scans onto the preoperative dataset for more comprehensive overview of the resection cavity
Overlay of live 2D ultrasound images onto preoperative anatomical data helps with orientation and ultrasound interpretation

Explore clinical papers about intraoperative Ultrasound Navigation

Clinical paper

Barak et al. 2021

This consecutive case series in elderly glioblastoma patients examines the difference in patient outcomes between iMRI plus Ultrasound Navigation versus Ultrasound Navigation alone. Take a look for more details.

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Clinical paper

Bastos et al. 2021

Read more about this retrospective cohort study that investigates the benefits and challenges of 3D Ultrasound Navigation compared to preoperative and intraoperative MRI in brain tumor cases with focus on eloquent regions.

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Clinical literature library

Scientific proof of Ultrasound Navigation

Discover more publications about the technique, clinical utility and benefits of Brainlab Ultrasound Navigation in neurosurgery.

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Additional Information

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This BK Medical ultrasound probe is not yet commercially available outside the US