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Platform Products

With a complete portfolio designed to meet a broad range of clinical demands, Brainlab surgical platforms allow surgeons to tailor their operating room technology to meet their workflow and patient management needs. Our platforms are not only state-of-the-art, but share an operating system (OS) that was developed from the ground up. This OS facilitates intelligent synchronization of data between the platforms and offers easy access to all new software capabilities being developed today.

By creating true plug-and-play building blocks, Brainlab enables any hospital or clinic to take a giant step toward the operating room of the future while increasing their power to foster collaboration and potentially improve patient outcomes. All of our platforms focus on helping clinicians get the most of their patient data, saving O.R. floor space, and supporting the entire surgical team with intuitive control and straightforward workflows.

Kick® boasts a small footprint and simple software control to help clinicians keep their focus on the patient and stay flexible. Curve® Navigation, our most powerful and versatile image guided surgery platform, allows surgeons to plan, review, document and stream their procedure on an extra-large 4K display from anywhere in the O.R. Both Kick and Curve are available with optical and electromagnetic (EM) tracking1 for customizable navigation.

Loop-X Mobile Imaging Robot sets a new standard in surgery by introducing robotics to high quality mobile intraoperative 2D and 3D imaging, saving time and effort during positioning, scanning and verification with intelligent automation. The Buzz® Digital O.R. product family displays DICOM images and integrates O.R. systems into a single user interface, allowing clinicians to route, display, stream, record and enhance medical images, software content and videos.

1 Not yet commercially available in the USA