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Node Platform

Network Based

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Node Platform

Network Based

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Node allows clinicians to decide where, when and how to generate and review patient treatment plans

Location-independent treatment planning and plan review from home, on the road or any location with internet access

Remote Access

Node allows location-independent treatment planning and plan review. No longer limited by planning at one dedicated work station, clinicians can now review, access and share treatment plans at any place, at any time.

  • Access and share treatment plans using computers within the hospital network
  • Connect your notebook from home, on the road or from any location with internet access
  • Safe, VPN free internet access supporting full HTTPS encryption
  • Supports Mac and Windows clients

Mobile Device Support

Access and review treatment plans using mobile devices like an iPad® within the hospital wireless network – anytime – anywhere.

  • Review treatment plans on iPads tablets
  • Bring the treatment plan to the patient’s bedside for information and informed consent
Network-based server functions as hospital data center
Server functions as healthcare data center, accessible by connected clinicians

Cross Discipline Collaboration

Node accommodates the rapid growth and increasing complexity of cross-discipline or combined treatments by connecting various clinical subspecialties. Radiologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and other medical professionals can access and enrich patient treatment data.

  • Session sharing allows for a collaborative approach in modern disease management
  • Improve treatment outcome while maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Parallel plan access supports work sharing, board discussions and plan approval

Navigation Data Integration

Manage and enrich patient data throughout the entire treatment life cycle. Acting as a hub, patient data flows from navigation and other sources into Node, enabling informed decision-making.

  • Receive remotely created treatment plans on the navigation system from Node
  • Send patient information from the navigation system to Node for access on other work stations
Integration with devices allows generated data to be centralized
Hospital IT integration with ‘thin client’ technology and high security HTTPS and SSL encryption

Hospital IT Integration

Treatment planning via Origin Server Software and the Node Server Hardware accommodates established clinical workflows and medical facilities of all sizes. With ‘thin client’ technology, Node adapts to nearly any hospital IT environment. The server-based solution offers easy manageability in a centralized location, reducing IT administrative efforts and lowering the total cost of ownership when compared to traditional workstations.

  • Direct accessibility over standard web-browser from virtually any computer1
  • Zero footprint client
  • Straight forward maintenance with centralized software hosting
  • Cost-effective, standardized and expandable IT infrastructure
  • Supports third party hardware and virtual machines2
  • High security with HTTPS and SSL encryption
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Load Balancing using automated resource optimization for multiple Node server scenarios



VPN-free access using HTTPS compatible browser

Minimum technical specifications apply