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Header Background Image: Buzz - Operating Room Information & Control Center

Buzz – Digital O.R.Centralized
Information Hub

The next generation of O.R. integration with intuitive multi-touch user interface and future-proof design

O.R. Information & Control Center

Buzz, the next generation operating room integration platform, is a network-based central information hub that routes, displays, interacts, streams, records and enhances medical images, software content and videos. Designed as a zero footprint open platform with practical touch interface, Buzz is prepped for every O.R.

  • Displays and controls data and video sources centrally on a user-friendly interface

  • Enables network-based routing of video and software content on multiple displays

  • Allows for audio/video conferencing and streaming

  • Integrates HIS and PACS for easy data handling and documentation

  • Enables surgical planning with Brainlab Elements, such as Viewer, SmartBrush, Image Fusion, Dose Review and more

  • Integrates multiple 3rd party software through open platform architecture

Illustration: Buzz Operating Room Integration Platform - Centralized display and control of data and video sources

Robust Hardware

With state-of-the-art hardware components, Buzz is built to be a long-lasting mainstay in the operating room. Its durable yet sensitive glass front panel makes communication and utilization in the O.R. easy and clear.

  • High resistance to water and dust for durability and easy maintenance (IP44)1

  • Audio and video components optimized for clear sound and picture

  • Responsive and accurate touch control on 42” display

  • Frontward folding, swiveling display for easy service access

  • Multi-touch based features like drag and drop, zooming and panning for intuitive device operation

Photo of Buzz, highlighting its high resistance to water and dust

Flexible Setup

With two versatile hardware configurations, flexible integration possibilities, and simple mounting, Buzz can be easily installed in both newly constructed and existing operating rooms.

  • Recessed in-wall or mounted on-wall configurations adaptable to hospital needs

  • Separate compact 4RU computer located inside or outside O.R. facilitates optimal space usage

  • Network-based integration of hardware and video sources ensures uncluttered O.R. setup with minimal hardware footprint

  • Multiple connection ports (USB 2.0 & 3.0, DP, HD-SDI, Network) enable simple data transfer and device connectivity

  • Accessible from sterile field with Wi-Fi-based remote control

Photo of the multiple connection ports on Buzz

Future-Proof Platform

With durable hardware and intelligent software, speed and performance are at the core of Buzz. The system’s purpose is to support the surgeon in their daily routine, enabling them to focus on the patient and the procedure now and in the future.

  • Fast system boot-up facilitates smooth O.R. workflows

  • State-of-the-art computer components ensure fast data transfer and technological longevity1

  • Multiple hardware connection possibilities due to standard interfaces

  • 3rd party software can be integrated, displayed and controlled through Buzz

  • Various O.R. workflows can be consolidated on one single source, minimizing the number of interfaces in the O.R.

Screenshot from Buzz: A system designed for speed, performance, and surgeon support, allowing focus on patient care and procedures

Buzz Navigation

This zero footprint and MR-conditional platform combines the best of two worlds—Image Guided Surgery and Digital O.R. integration. Comprising a 42” wall-mounted display, 27” ceiling-mounted display and navigation camera, Buzz Navigation (Ceiling-Mounted) provides access from the sterile and non-sterile field to control data. Video routing, streaming and recording of content as well as navigation functions can all be managed from any display.

  • High performance platform supports workflows from advanced planning to navigation as well as Digital O.R. capabilities

  • Easily accessible connection unit for integration of multiple intraoperative devices

  • Split screen layout enables routing of up to four sources onto one monitor to keep all data in sight

  • Ceiling-mounted components compatible with select 3rd party arm systems

  • Customization includes an additional ceiling or wall-mounted display as well as external video routing technology (VoIP, 4K)

Illustration: Buzz Navigation (Ceiling-Mounted) Setup with Displays and Camera

Buzz Compact

Buzz Compact2 condenses the core functionalities of a Brainlab Digital O.R. into a small yet powerful device. This flexible information hub addresses the essential video routing, documentation and archiving needs of various medical teams in clinics and hospitals.

  • Access DICOM viewer and other Brainlab Elements Software on a 15” all-in-one device

  • Designed with the same intuitive user interface as all other Brainlab software

  • Record videos using state-of-the-art 4K imaging

  • Install on wall or table stand for flexible placement

  • Integrates with existing infrastructure for easy installation

  • Rely on a future-proof asset with streamlined IT (HIS/PACS/VNA) integration and scalable software architecture

Photo of the Buzz Compact, a 15" all-in-one information hub

Additional Information

Buzz In-Wall Technical Specifications1
F & S O.R. Integration Award 2014
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  1. Buzz In-Wall