Kick EM


Portable, streamlined and minimalistic surgical navigation system for surgeons seeking focused functionality

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Kick EM electromagnetic navigation
Flexible arm for optimized patient setup

Smart Connections and Setup Flexibility

Kick® EM is a unique streamlined navigation platform with a small footprint for frameless procedures. Its minimalistic design makes Kick EM portable and easy to setup. Ideal for small O.R.s or as an add-on system for easy pointer navigation with EM tracking for larger facilities. Kick EM consists of three parts: the field generator, the connection panel and the Kick monitor cart. The field generator, fixed either on a positioning plate or with a flexible arm for optimized patient setup, creates the electromagnetic field around the patient’s head. Mounted with secure hooks to the O.R. table or directly on the monitor cart, the connection panel is the interface between the tracking unit and the navigation system. A step-by-step animated workflow guides the user through system setup and ensures a smooth surgical procedure.

  • Large tracking volume
  • Eliminates line-of-sight issues
  • Articulated arm for flexible field generator positioning
  • Patient’s head supported by gel pad on table or radiolucent horseshoe holder and head clamps
  • 21.5” full HD drapable touch display
Freedom of choice between optical and electromagnetic tracking technology


The compact design of the Kick image guided surgery platform makes it an ideal secondary system for straightforward cranial and ENT procedures. Available with both optical and electromagnetic tracking, Kick takes advantage of the versatility of optical tracking and the elimination of line-of-sight issues with EM.

  • Compact and portable
  • Choice between electromagnetic and optical navigation per procedure
  • Navigation-ready in less than 3 minutes
Pairing between Kick EM and Buzz

Extended Functionality

Kick EM can easily be combined with Buzz, the digital O.R. from Brainlab, which opens doors to even more features like HD streaming and recording, web portal and other O.R. integrations.

  • Remote control between Kick EM and Buzz
  • Integrated O.R. functionalities such as stream and record
  • View and enrich images