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Every Surgeon. Every Surgery.

Every Surgeon. Every Surgery.

Opening Up Mobile Robotic Imaging for All Spine Procedures

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Brainlab Loop-X 3D-C-arm drives autonomously to stored positions


Loop-X1 drives
autonomously to stored parking and scanning positions, all controlled from the surgical site

Follows a navigation instrument
to position itself for AP, lateral and oblique 2D verification scans

Brainlab Loop-X 3D c-arm wireless control tablet


Compact scanner footprint
ensures a perfect fit into existing surgical suites

Wireless tablet
eliminates monitor cart and brings intuitive control to the sterile field

Brainlab Loop-X conebeam-ct navigation integration


Independent movement of detector
and source positions the isocenter at the region of interest enabling extra-large dynamic
field of view and non-isocentric imaging

Deeply integrates
with Elements Surgical Planning, Curve and Kick navigation, and Cirq Robotics

For the Tech Lovers
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Mobile Robotic Imaging
to Transform Surgery

Laser guided alignment of Loop-X robotic intraoperative imaging

Leave Manually Counting Levels Behind with Robotics

Smart laser projections remove the intraop imaging ‘fiddle factor’. By defining the level of interest on a 2D image, Loop-X robotically supports localization and projects both the incision start and end points directly onto the patient’s skin.

The Patient Is at the Center of Attention – Not the Isocenter

The detector and imaging source move independently enabling non-isocentric imaging. Patients don’t need to be positioned in the center of the gantry since the system moves the scan area to the region of interest.

Brainlab Loop-X conebeam-ct non-isocentric imaging
Brainlab Loop-X conebeam-ct instrument guided imaging for screw placement verification

Verification Has Never Been Easier (or More Intuitive)

Screw placement verification is a critical yet often time-consuming task in surgery. Instrument guided imaging allows Loop-X to robotically follow the pointer or a pre-planned screw and position itself for AP, lateral or even oblique 2D verification scans.

1 Not yet commercially available

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Something Big.

Part of Something Bigger.

Part of Something Bigger.

Digital Spine Surgery at Brainlab is a vision, but it’s also a reality. Discover the technologies that have already been realized to enhance spine surgery from robotic imaging and surgical assistance to mixed reality.

Brainlab Cirq - Robotic Assistent Surgical Arm

The compact Cirq Surgical Robot simplifies spinal fusion by freeing up the surgeon’s hands during procedures.

Brainlab Mixed Reality - Spatial Computing Viewer

Brainlab cloud computing, visualization and data pre-processing software meet Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform.

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop

Opening New Horizons in Digital Spine Surgery

With our vision for the future of digital spine surgery, Brainlab is closing the loop to enable greater freedom for clinicians and enhanced outcomes for patients.

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Want to stay in the loop?