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Brainlab Robotic Suite

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Brainlab Robotic Suite

Accuracy in Every Step

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A Holistic Approach to Surgery

The Robotic Suite creates an ecosystem of accuracy at every step of the surgical workflow by leveraging versatile software to combine three Brainlab products with state-of-the-art modalities – high-resolution robotic imaging from Loop-X, data processing and precise navigation with Curve and automatic, stable surgical support with the next-generation robotic arm, Cirq. Each product in the Robotic Suite can be used individually, but the synchronized use of the three products can offer steady, unified and uninterrupted support during surgical procedures.

Our foundation

High resolution, distortion free images are the foundation for accuracy in surgery.

Prerequisite for precision

Automatic image registration inherent to the imaging process is a prerequisite for precision in every step of the surgical procedure.

Data processing

The aggregation of images from multiple sources, precise fusion and automatic segmentation create a high-resolution anatomical context and set a benchmark for accuracy.

Planned automation

Planned automation based on a detailed anatomical model enables the software to determine and anatomically optimize the three-dimensional implant position.

This eliminates inaccuracies associated with manually adjusting implant positions in two-dimensional projections.

Precise navigation

Precise navigation continuously provides information on the position of tracked surgical instruments.

Robotic alignment

Ultimately, robotic alignment ensures accuracy while the surgeon controls, sustains or executes each surgical step.

Explore our products in 3D

Explore our products in 3D

How the Robotic Suite Provides Accuracy in Every Step

Key Benefits of the Robotic Suite

  • Complete compatibility of three powerful, standalone products with tools designed to support and verify accuracy from start to finish
  • Automatic image registration, transfer and storage as well as efficient data management
  • Detailed anatomical mapping, intelligent CT/MR image fusion and automatic screw planning create an uninterrupted path for patient data, surgical planning and execution
  • Automatic, precise and stable support from the robotic arm while the surgeon controls and sustains each surgical step
  • Easily transportable and compact equipment for streamlined integration in the O.R.
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Watch our Robotic Suite webinar

Comprised of high-definition robotic imaging from Loop-X, versatile image-guided surgery with Curve Navigation and the next-generation robotic arm, Cirq, the combination of these three products is designed to provide support at every step of the surgical workflow.

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Are you ready to experience accuracy in every step?

Are you ready to experience accuracy in every step?