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Spine and Trauma Surgery Products

Brainlab is committed to software innovation and, over the last decades, has continuously refined spinal and trauma surgical navigation. This focus on core competencies has resulted in powerful and innovative navigation and visualization technology that helps surgeons effectively plan and execute spine procedures and place pedicle screws more accurately. Compared to conventional surgical techniques, our technology also helps minimize X-Ray exposure.

The basis for accurate and reliable digital spine surgery starts with the intelligence of our software. Brainlab Universal Atlas functions as the heart of modern spine surgery by providing software intelligence for automatic and enhanced planning and navigation features.

Brainlab Spine Navigation is suited for a wide variety of indications, such as tumors and deformities, as well as routine surgeries of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Beneficial for both less invasive as well as open approaches, the software continuously tracks surgical instruments in relation to patient anatomy, helping surgeons to avoid critical structures. A broad range of image registration options and compatible imaging devices provides great freedom to the surgeon to tailor the surgical procedure.

Trauma surgery typically requires immediate action. Brainlab Spine & Trauma Navigation offers clinicians simple yet powerful intraoperative visualization for implant planning, targeting and placement. The use of intraoperative imaging together with surgical navigation enables timely and informed decisions and may potentially ensure “first-pass” accuracy, as well as decrease X-Ray exposure and operating time. Brainlab Spine & Trauma Navigation is a comprehensive application that covers all major trauma indications.

The enriched intraoperative data provided to clinicians by Brainlab software have the potential to minimize complications, increase precision and improve patient outcomes compared to conventional surgery techniques.

With our vision for the future of digital spine surgery, Brainlab is expanding and diversifying our spine and trauma portfolio with robotic imaging and surgical assistance as well as mixed reality to support all spinal surgeries. Our ultimate goal is to provide powerful digital data, building the foundation to facilitate new possibilities for spine and trauma treatments and enhance outcomes for patients.

Opening new horizons in Digital Spine Surgery