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Image Registration

Stay Up-to-Date as You Navigate

Stay Up-to-Date as You Navigate

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Live navigation updates maintain accuracy

Spinal Navigation software is an essential tool for arriving efficiently at your desired surgical outcomes. Image registration keeps navigation up-to-date as the anatomy changes while minimizing radiation exposure to the patient and surgical team. Choose the registration method that works with your existing intraoperative imaging device or surface match the patient based on their pre-op CT.

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Large volumes and less exposure

Fluoro 3D Registration enables simple and seamless integration of all common 3D C-arms with Brainlab tracking arrays. Navigate in real-time on intraoperative datasets, ideal for routine, less invasive or complex surgeries, while reducing radiation exposure to the surgical team and patient.

Registration to fit your procedure

Seamless image registration with Universal AIR for navigated spine surgery

Universal integration of intraop images

Universal Automatic Image Registration (AIR) is the fundamental technology that allows for seamless integration of intraoperative CT, rotational angiograph, and cone-beam CT images with spinal navigation.

By simply placing a reference matrix near the region of interest, Universal AIR optimizes the workflow while maintaining the preoperative surgical plan for open, small incision and minimally invasive spine procedures.

Register the patient in seconds

Surface Matching is a fast registration method based on a preoperative CT scan designed for open surgeries. Registration is performed with the pointer on the bone surface. An auto-correcting algorithm matches the acquired points with the preoperative CT scan in just a few seconds.

Manual point based registration on bone surface for image guided surgery

Tomorrow’s technology today

Digital Spine Surgery at Brainlab is a vision, but it’s also a reality. Discover the technologies that have already been realized to enhance spine surgery, from robotic imaging and surgical assistance to mixed reality.

Closing the loop

Closing the loop

Opening new horizons in Digital Spine Surgery

With our vision for the future of digital spine surgery, Brainlab is closing the loop to enable greater freedom for clinicians and enhanced outcomes for patients.

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