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Spinal Planning

Effective Treatment Planning

Automated functionalities enable effective and straightforward treatment planning for spinal surgery

Trajectory planning for spine surgery
Brainlab Elements Spine Screw Planning Software

Elements Spine Screw Planning

Spine Screw Planning enables users to pre- or intraoperatively define individual screw trajectories on multiple image modalities. Automatic segmentation algorithms are used to propose optimal screw positioning on CT datasets.

  • Automatic planning of pedicle screws on CT
  • Manual planning on CT, XT and MR
  • Ideal for robotic alignment to pedicle screws with Cirq 
CT scan of entire spine in axial and sagittal view

Elements Viewer 

Spinal surgery introduces the potential risk of vascular or neurological injuries. With Elements Viewer, gain pixel-perfect images that fundamentally inform for surgical planning and decision-making.

  • Fast and easy access to medical image data
  • Quick and direct interaction with DICOM images
  • Direct transfer to Spine Navigation Application
Elements Viewer Smart Layout Spine

Elements Viewer Smart Layout Spine

See all the navigation views you’ll need to make informed decisions in a single layout at the same time. Smart Layout Spine automatically selects independent anatomical axial slices and aligns them to the curvature of the spine. The resulting comprehensive layout is ideal for preoperative pedicle assessment and postoperative review of placed screws.

  • Automatic alignment to the curvature of the spine
  • View layout with plane definition and multiple axial slices
  • Direct access through the Elements Viewer 3D menu
Spine workflow for navigated spine surgery

Elements Image Fusion

Image Fusion allows exploitation of all available anatomical and functional data simultaneously. CT scans deliver information about bone structures, MR datasets for tissue definition and tumor identification. Dataset correlation brings the plan together for indispensable definition and contouring.

  • Fully automated and highly accurate image fusion
  • Mutual information algorithm for dataset correlation within seconds
  • Result verification with overlay views
Elements Curvature Correction Spine

Elements Spine Curvature Correction

Through intelligent elastic co-registration, Elements Spine Curvature Correction compensates for differing positions of the vertebrae in two or more 3D image datasets. Whether CT or MR, this software fuses images to give greater context and combine preoperative plans with intraoperative images.

  • Bring preoperative planning data into an intraoperative scenario
  • Ideal for the fusion of long range scans from an iCT or cone beam CT
  • Elastic co-registration of 3D datasets including MR to iCT and CT to iCT
Spine navigation software for spine tumor removal

Elements SmartBrush

SmartBrush offers intelligent computer-assisted tumor outlining with the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. The application deeply expands target definition, incorporating multiple modalities and exploiting multi-planar volume definition.

  • Immediate and interactive target contour
  • Smart contour manipulation with the click of a mouse or touch of a finger
  • Multiple modalities simultaneously considered in outlining
Image guided surgery spine surgery software

Intraoperative Planning

Particularly in minimally invasive procedures or when working with poor image quality scans intraoperative planning of screws potentially allows more accurate and secure screw placement compared to procedures without intraoperative planning. It provides unrestricted reconstruction of datasets with views along the path of the implant.

  • Multiple screw planning
  • Reconstruction of datasets along implant trajectories
  • Planning in 3D and 2D reconstructions