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Spinal Planning

Maximize your time during spine surgeries

Maximize your time during spine surgeries

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Get the most out of your operative time

Spinal Planning applications from Brainlab let you maximize your time in the O.R. Our automated algorithms even take care of the most time-consuming aspects of planning for you. Together with surgical robotics, responsive navigation and robotic intraoperative imaging, Brainlab Spinal Planning helps you be your most prepared for surgery.

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Time-saving apps that fit your workflows

Spinal planning with Brainlab consists of tailored Elements software applications that fit into your workflows, complementing the equipment and techniques you already use. From screw planning on preoperative data to automated screw placement verification, you can plan new ways to get the most out of your O.R. time.

Customize your planning with tailored applications

Elements Spine Screw Planning

Automatically define screw trajectories

Elements Spine Screw Planning enables users to pre- or intraoperatively define optimal screw trajectories on multiple image modalities, including CT, XT and MR datasets.

Once your screws are planned, Cirq Robotics can help you achieve your results. Simply place the robotic alignment module in the area of interest and let Cirq fine-tune to the pre-planned trajectory.

Compensate for variations in spine curvature

Elements Spine Curvature Correction co-registers scans of the patient to compensate for inevitably varied spine positions during different imaging sessions. Ideal for fusing long range scans from an iCT or cone beam CT, the software brings together scans from MR and CT with iCT to update them for surgery.

Elements Spine Curvature Correction
CT scan of entire spine in axial and sagittal view

View everything you need in one layout

Elements Viewer Smart Layout Spine lets you view independent axial planes automatically aligned to the curvature of the spine in a single view, ideal for preop pedicle assessment and postop screw verification. Views prepared in the office, including measurements, can be accessed and reviewed intraoperatively on a planning station or directly on the navigation system with Elements Viewer 3D.

Efficiency even for specific & complex cases

Elements Segmentation Spine radiosurgery planning software


Save time with automatically segmented objects

Elements Segmentation Spine automatically maps the spine and surrounding organs to quickly help visualize the anatomy and enable manipulation of defined objects on CT scans. Intraoperatively view these objects as augmented reality overlays with Microscope Navigation and preoperatively with Mixed Reality Viewer.

Spine navigation software for spine tumor removal


Define tumor volumes on just two slices

Elements SmartBrush supports your planning with intelligent computer- assisted tumor outlining. Delineate the tumor on just two slices and its volume is automatically generated. Deeply automate your target delineation, incorporate multiple modalities and take advantage of multi-planar volume definition.

Closing the loop

Closing the loop

Opening New Horizons in Digital Spine Surgery

With our vision for the future of digital spine surgery, Brainlab is closing the loop to enable greater freedom for clinicians and enhanced outcomes for patients.

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