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Brainlab Xplore Spine

Where education
meets innovation

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Brainlab Xplore Spine

Where education meets innovation

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Xplore Spine harnesses cutting-edge video game technology to revolutionize resident education, propelling the training of future spine surgeons to new heights.
This comprehensive learning and teaching platform seamlessly merges Brainlab and Level Ex expertise, creating a best-of-both-worlds solution that empowers residents to unlock their maximum potential. Discover the future of surgical education.
Elevate critical competence
Xplore Spine is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of learners, instructors, and institutions. It addresses the trickiest teaching challenges and the most demanding skills in radiology, diagnostics and surgery to significantly expedite competence development.
Foster autonomy in the O.R. and beyond
While no digital solution can replace hands-on training, Xplore Spine equips residents to maximize their learning time within the hospital, empowering them to be self-assured and self-sufficient throughout their educational journey.
Maximize instructional efficiency
Objective and precise assessment is necessary yet daunting in education. Xplore Spine introduces an innovative method to gauge learners’ progress and enables instructors to tailor tasks, ensuring efficient use of valuable instructional time.

Experience the future of surgical education

Product Features

Outlining of pathological structure in the brain

Designed with diagnostic mastery in mind

Xplore Spine offers an immersive learning experience that allows users to develop a profound understanding of spinal anatomy and various pathologies. Through interactive gameplay, learners build a lasting mental model for image interpretation, enhancing their diagnostic competence to confidently identify and assess spinal conditions.

Elevate surgical education with Xplore Spine

Precision treatment preparation & surgical expertise

Within Xplore Spine, users engage in a dynamic learning journey where they not only weigh therapy options and order tests but also cultivate invaluable clinical decision-making acumen. The platform empowers learners to refine their procedural skills, internalize the intricate biophysics of the spine, and experiment autonomously with various surgical approaches. It’s a holistic training ground for honing the expertise required for formulating precise treatment plans and performing procedures with confidence.

Segmentation cranial - adapts to various anatomies and modalities
Server functions as healthcare data center, accessible by connected clinicians

Community and collaborative excellence

Xplore Spine goes beyond technical expertise to train essential soft skills vital for spine surgeons. Users engage in collaborative scenarios, fostering effective communication with colleagues and honing the competence needed for managing patients efficiently. It’s a comprehensive platform that ensures learners not only excel in surgical proficiency but also in building strong relationships with both their colleagues and patients, enhancing their overall competence.

Comprehensive learning ecosystem

Xplore Spine offers every user, from instructors to learners, a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive learning experience, making it the ultimate resource for surgical education:

  • Instructor Dashboard: Guide, measure, and evaluate learning progress effortlessly
  • Reference Hub: Seamlessly share reference materials to enhance collaboration
  • Learner Dashboard: Self-direct learning journeys, reflect on performance, and maximize progress
Automatic fusion of numerous modalities

Xplore Spine is revolutionizing surgical education

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