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Environmental Engagement

Going Green
at Brainlab

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Environmental Engagement

Going Green at Brainlab

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Sustainable practices for sustainable growth

As a global organization that strives to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation in healthcare, it is also our responsibility to promote and integrate sustainable practices into all facets of our daily work – from product development to marketing campaigns and more. Through our unified commitment to going green, we can ensure that growth at Brainlab is safe, sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Our green goal

Our goal for going green is to conduct business with integrity, following environmentally sustainable and safe practices to ensure the health of the environment, our employees, community, customers and their patients. The Brainlab Environmental Management System includes various programs derived from the Brainlab Environmental, Health and Safety Policy which you can access here.

Environmental compliance

Brainlab has implemented processes and standards to restrict the use of hazardous substances. As a result, environmental impact is reduced and human health is protected. Brainlab places high value on sustainability and environmental protection and expects that suppliers act accordingly. Our suppliers, including those situated outside the European Union, are required to fulfill the applicable legal requirements as well as internal specifications.

The identification of REACH substances of very high concern (SVHC) in a product or component creates legal obligations for all participants within the supply chain. We request our suppliers to regularly report whether and to what extent regulated substances are used in the products we purchase from them. For further information on REACH regarding your product, click here.

Our products are designed to be repairable as well as easy to upgrade, re-use, disassemble and recycle, preventing unnecessary WEEE. Brainlab is compliant with the Directive (2012/19/EU) in all relevant countries in Europe. For further information on the disposal of your Brainlab products, please contact customer support and/or the respective public authorities.

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Battery waste must be disposed correctly according to the respective regulations of each country. For further information regarding the collection and recycling of industrial batteries in the UK, click here. For all other countries, click here.

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Brainlab has implemented an Environmental Management System following ISO 14001 which has been certified by TÜV Süd. We focus on continuous improvement in relation to our environmental performance and the fulfillment of our environmental compliance obligations.

Green efforts in daily work


Brainlab headquarters are LEED gold certified. By using green energy from local suppliers and own Photovoltaic panels, we can operate the building sustainably. Through the “Green Guide for the Office” we encourage employees to consider the environment within their daily work. We support these efforts by applying a digital, paperless approach whenever possible and using most modern IT equipment in order to be energy efficient in our operations.

Information Technology

Over the last several years, we have transitioned to and adopted a digital, paperless approach, ranging from electronic newsletters and signatures to mobile work. We use modern IT equipment to be energy efficient in our operations.


Brainlab is committed to reducing the environmental impact from transportation. Limiting business travel, making the office easily accessible by public transportation and including electric cars in the company fleet are just a few examples of our effort to curb our carbon footprint.

Social responsibility and ethical practice

Brainlab seeks to associate and work with suppliers that meet the necessary social and ethical requirements for their employees. This entails following the laws and regulations of their respective countries concerning minimum legal working age, granting the legal minimum wage for working hours, prohibiting forced labor and, most fundamentally, that no discrimination of employees on any basis takes place.

Brainlab is committed to respecting human rights. We emphasize this commitment with a Group-wide declaration human rights policy. We report on the fulfilment of our due diligence obligations once a year.

Human Rights Policy


Report on Supply Chain Due Diligence 2023


Visit our compliance website in order to learn more about our human rights compliance approach. Please contact us if you have evidence of misconduct or a violation of laws, policies or other regulations related to our business operations.

UK slavery and human trafficking statements for Brainlab Ltd.

Statement for FY 2023


Statement for FY 2022


Statement for FY 2021


Statement for FY 2020


Statement for FY 2019


Statement for FY 2018


Statement for FY 2017


If you require information for other years, please contact [email protected].

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