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Effective as of May 09, 2023

Brainlab AG

Trademark Registered ® in the following countries
Brainlab Academy® Germany, USA
Brainlab® European Union, Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China, USA, Great Britain
Brainlab ClearLens® European Union, Great Britain
Brainlab Cognition® European Union, Brazil, USA, Great Britain
Brainlab Connected Care® European Union, USA
Brainlab Origin® European Union, USA, Great Britain
Brainlab Node® European Union, USA
Brain-Pulse® European Union, Great Britain, Switzerland
BrainSuite® Germany, USA
Buzz® European Union, USA, Japan, Great Britain
Buzz Compact® European Union, Australia, China, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, India, USA, Japan
Buzz Virtual® European Union, Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Australia
Brainlab® (word/figurative mark) Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Switzerland, USA, Australia, European Union
Cirq® European Union, Japan, China, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Israel, Great Britain
Cognition® Germany, USA
Curve® Germany, USA
Dash® European Union, Great Britain
Dynamic WaveArc® European Union, Japan, Great Britain
ETX® Brazil
ExacTrac® European Union, Brazil, Germany, USA, China, Russia, Australia, Japan, Great Britain
ExacTrac Dynamic® European Union, Brazil, Russia, USA, Japan, Australia, China, Great Britain
HybridArc® European Union, Great Britain
IGSonic® Germany, USA
iHelp® Germany
iPlan® Germany, USA
Kick® European Union, Japan, USA, Great Britain
Loop-X® European Union, Australia, USA, India, Switzerland, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Great Britain, China
Node® European Union
Novalis® Germany, USA, European Union, Japan, China, Great Britain
(word/figurative mark)
Novalis TX® Brazil
Perfectarc® European Union, Japan, Great Britain
Quentry® European Union, China, Australia, Japan, Korea, USA, Great Britain
Right.Brain® European Union, Great Britain
SmartBrush® Germany, USA
Softouch® Germany, USA
Snke OS® European Union, Australia, India, Great Britain, Brazil, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Israel
Snke OS® logo European Union, India, Australia, China, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, Korea, USA, Japan, Israel
Snke OS® logo and lettering European Union, Great Britain
Snke OS® lettering European Union, India, Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, USA, Japan, Israel
StarLink® Germany, USA
the brainlab tower® Germany
TraumaCad® European Union, Great Britain
Trauma SUITE® Germany
VarioGuide® Germany, USA
Vero® European Union, Brazil, Great Britain
WaveArc® European Union, Japan, Great Britain
Z-touch® Germany, USA, Japan

Brainlab Ltd. Israel

Trademark Registered ® in the following countries
KingMark® USA
TraumaCad® USA
VoyantMark® USA