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Intended Use

Indications for Use

Fibertracking is an application for the processing and visualization of cranial white matter tracts based on Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) data for use in treatment planning procedures. Fibertracking can be used in all clinical workflows that require the visualization of cranial white matter tracts in the brain. The device itself does not have specific clinical indications.

Intended User

The intended Fibertracking users are medical professionals (e.g., surgeons) and their assistants working in the field of neurosurgery and radiotherapy planning.

Place of Use

The place of use is determined to be indoors, normally in a hospital or clinical setting.

Careful Handling


Plausibility Review


Extended OR Time

Brainlab Navigation Systems are sensitive technical equipment. Depending upon OR setup, patient positioning, calculation durations and complexity, surgery duration using navigation may vary. It is up to the user to decide whether a potential prolongation is acceptable for the respective patient and treatment.

Article No. 60917-64EN

Date of publication: 2018-04-15