Image Fusion

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Image Fusion for Spinal Procedures

General Information

When starting a spine workflow, you can choose between:

  • Image Fusion

  • Spine Curvature Correction

The images are fused together based on anatomical structures common to both image sets.

The aim is to review the quality of the fusion results, and, if satisfactory, approve the fusion. The fusion is saved by selecting Done.


Spine Screen Layout

No. Explanation

Axial, coronal and sagittal reconstructions as a preview of the current result.

Axial, coronal and sagittal view selector.

Region of interest (ROI) is displayed as a dotted line in the main view and the ACS reconstructions .

The currently fused pair is displayed as an overlay, which can also be previewed within the ACS reconstructions .

Article No. 60917-40EN

Date of publication: 2017-10-23