Lead Localization

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Image Viewing Functions

Viewing Functions



Zoom: Activates zoom function to the region of interest.

Scroll: Activates scroll functions in the displayed reconstruction (plane). For each view and interaction option, there is a dedicated scroll increment:

  • Use the in-view buttons to scroll up/down 1 mm

  • Drag the mouse pointer within the main view to scroll up/down (zoom level dependent)

  • Turn the mouse wheel with the mouse pointer over the Inline side view to scroll up/down 0.5 mm in the trajectory direction

Pan: Pans vertical and horizontal planes.


  • Drag left or right across the viewing area to adjust the contrast.

  • Drag up or down to adjust the brightness.

  • Selects the active lead.

  • Use arrow buttons to toggle between leads.

Center: Automatically scrolls and pans the reconstruction to display the target/entry (at the center of the view).

Rotate: Rotates the current view.

  • Rotates the 2D reconstruction in relation to other views.

  • Rotates the 3D reconstruction plane.

Undo: Undoes the last change made or multiple consecutive steps.

Trajectories Functions



Create New: Creates a new trajectory. Drag the target and entry points to align the trajectory.

Adjust: Enables adjustment of target and entry points.

Delete: Deletes the selected lead or trajectory.

Undo: Undoes consecutive changes made to the position of target or entry points.

Article No. 60917-70EN

Date of publication: 2018-07-25