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Screen Layout for Spine SRS Procedures

General Information

SmartBrush in Spine SRS workflows can be used to draw objects, e.g., tumors. It also proposes CTV/OAR cropped objects according to RTOG guidelines.

It allows an accurate voxel-based object correction or segmentation.

Spine SRS Screen and Toolbar Layout

No. Explanation

Main view containing, axial, coronal, sagittal and 3D reconstructions as a preview of the current result

Switch for changing between axial, coronal, sagittal views

Currently selected object

Alerts: Contains process information

Data: Opens the data selection window and view layout options

Home: Takes you to Content Manager

Navigation tools for defining the region of interest

Smart Brush toggle switch for selecting brush tools

Outlining tools for highlighting objects

Currently active GTV/CTV/OAR triple

Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22