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Layouts for General Procedures

Layout Types




Displays four different views of equal dimensions in the main screen.

Axial, Coronal, and Sagittal reconstructions of the image set, with a basic 3D view.

Side By Side

Displays two image sets of interest in the main screen.


Displays the original image slices from the chosen image set.

ACS View

The ACS view displays slices of the selected image set in Axial, Coronal, and Sagittal views. A basic 3D visualization is provided ①.

Side By Side View

The Side By Side view displays two image sets side by side arranged in an ACS configuration ①. You choose the image set to be displayed by selecting them from the data pool. Use Pan, Zoom and Scroll accordingly to review your image set.

Gallery View

The Gallery view displays the original slices ① on screen from within the same image set.
Use Swipe ② to navigate up or down through the slices within the same image set.

Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22