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Intended Use

Brainlab Elements

Brainlab Elements are applications for transferring DICOM data to and from picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and other storage media devices. They include the following modules for medical procedures:

  • Viewing

  • Image processing

  • Image fusion

  • Segmentation

  • 3D visualization

Intended Use

The SmartBrush Element provides an easy interface with tools and views to outline anatomical structures in patient image data. The output is saved as 3D DICOM segmentation object and can be used for further processing.

Indications for Use

Elements Smartbrush 2.5 can be used in all clinical workflows that require to outline anatomical structures in patient image data. The device itself does not have specific clinical indications.

Intended User

This user guide is intended for healthcare professionals and their assistants.

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Medical Electrical Systems

For information regarding the configuration of medical electrical systems, see the relevant System User Guide and Technical User Guide.

Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22