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Software Functions

Image Viewing Functions



Scroll: Drag the mouse pointer through image slices.

Zoom: Drag the mouse pointer:

  • Down to zoom in
  • Up to zoom out

Pan: Displays vertical and horizontal planes indicated by yellow lines on the images.

Windowing: Manually adjust the image brightness and contrast.

Drawing and Outlining Tools



Smart Brush segments all connected pixels with similar gray values in the defined area.

Brush segments all connected pixels.

Smart Erase removes pixels based on areas with similar gray values in the defined area.

Erase removes connected pixels manually.

Undo undoes the last change made or multiple consecutive steps.

Adjust the brush size for object outlining.

How to Set the Resolution

You can set a fixed resolution for all objects, independent from the slice sets used for drawing. This must be set up by Brainlab support.

By default, an object is set to the same resolution as the first slice set selected. It is recommended to use slice sets with a resolution that is high enough to represent the structure to be segmented.


Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22