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Finalizing Objects

General Information

You can edit or amend objects at any time during the creation process using the data selection menu.

Accessing Data Selection



Select Data from the main screen to access images, objects and to view/edit their respective properties.

About Data Selection

Within data selection, you can view selected image data ② and objects ①, as well as add additional data or objects by pressing MORE. All are displayed as thumbnail images showing their respective properties:


  • Image modality
  • Slice distance
  • Slice sets

  • Volume: Displays the calculated object volume
  • Basis: Image set where the object is defined
  • Name: Enter your object name
  • Type: Choose an object type from the drop-down
  • Role: Choose a role attribute from the drop-down
  • Comment: Add applicable comments

Data Selection Functions



Amend or assign a color to an object.

Create a volumetric report.

Remove an object from the current selection.

Enable multi-modal object creation.

Create a new object.

Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22