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How to Outline Objects Using Smart Brush for Spine SRS Procedures



Center and zoom to the region of interest using the Zoom, Scroll and Pan functions.


Ensure the Smart Brush selector is switched on ⑤ and select Smart Brush.


Select your vertebra ①.


Highlight the area to be segmented ③.

Trace an outline with a brush stroke, keeping it slightly inside the object. The voxel lines follow the contours of the object.

The region that is outlined is determined by the gray values and the contrast of the image.

SmartBrush segments all connected pixels with similar gray values in the defined area.

Defining a larger area increases the potential gray value scale.


If edges of the segmented area are not correctly separated from the surrounding area, use Erase to define these borders more accurately.

If a mouse is used, use the right mouse button to erase when SmartBrush is active.


Scroll to next slice or continue outlining in a perpendicular reconstruction.


Repeat the highlighting steps until the object has been created in all relevant slices.

Optionally, use 3D interpolation to outline the whole object volume.


Verify the drawn and automatically generated objects (GTV ② , CTV ③ and OAR, cropped objects ④) by selecting them in the tool area list and reviewing them.

As soon as you begin to outline an object, a corresponding target volume (CTV) and an organ at risk (OAR) are generated. The CTV and OAR update accordingly throughout the GTV outlining process.


Select Done.

Article No. 60917-26EN

Date of publication: 2016-12-22