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Contrast Clearance Analysis

General Information

Contrast Clearance Analysis* visualizes the accumulation of a contrast agent against its rate of clearance. The method works by acquiring two MRI series – one at five minutes and another at approx. 75 minutes after injection of a standard dose of contrast agent – and subtracting the first series from the second, resulting in a high-resolution color-coded map. Use Image Fusion to fuse and compare the two MRI image sets.

* Developed at Sheba Medical Center with technology provided by Brainlab.


Color Explanation

Accumulation of the contrast agent (slow clearance)


Clearance of the contrast agent (fast clearance)


The Contrast Clearance Analysis calculation requires two 3D MRI data sets. For these:

  • Both sequences must be acquired using the equivalent scan protocol

  • The first sequence must be taken approx. five minutes after contrast agent injection (using e.g., Gd/Gadolinium)

  • The second sequence must be taken 60-105 minutes after contrast agent injection

Article No. 60917-73EN

Fecha de publicación: 2018-09-25