Brainlab Elements Image Fusion

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Asegúrese de que selecciona la versión de software correcta. Para ello, seleccione el logotipo de Brainlab, que está situado en la esquina inferior derecha de la aplicación correspondiente.

How to Use Blending with Elastic Deformation



Select Blending and move the slider left or right across the viewing area with the mouse (or finger for touchscreens) to adjust the blended image.


Scroll through the image slices using the arrow buttons .


Analyze the deformation area by toggling and comparing the Original image set with the corrected one.


Review and accept the result if it is satisfactory.


Select Done when complete.

The corrected image set is saved for further processing.

Article No. 60917-73EN

Fecha de publicación: 2018-09-25