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Brainlab Cloud Services
for healthcare professionals

Brainlab Cloud Services, the cloud service for healthcare professionals from Brainlab, is driving a change in medical image exchange — providing faster access, better management and elevated data enrichment tools to over 6,000 users around the world.

Security is Our Priority

The privacy and security of your patient data is our first priority. Brainlab Cloud Services is supported by Intel Security and is HIPAA compliant.


Medical Data Exchange

Brainlab Cloud Services simplifies your daily routine with patients

  • Store your patient data and images online

  • Access and view them from anywhere

  • Share within your professional network

Brainlab Cloud Services organizes all your patient data in a structured, patient-centric view, with the benefit of eliminating CD handling.

User-friendly tools offer convenient capture and management of data, including setting user-specific access to data and pseudonymization of patient records.


Surgery Planning & Analytics

Brainlab Cloud Services offers a range of valuable clinical tools and analytic insights

  • Orthopedic preoperative planning

  • Customized digital forms and advanced online viewer

  • Post-op evaluation and analytics for neurosurgery

In the operating room, patient images, plans and forms from Brainlab Cloud Services can be accessed from Brainlab surgical navigation platforms Curve and Kick, as well as Buzz Digital O.R., enabling centralized access to patient data.


SRS Registry & Big Data

Brainlab Cloud Services supports clinical studies

  • Easy anonymization of patient records

  • Clinical data collection, enrichment and analysis

  • Collaborate between multiple clinical facilities

A comprehensive tool collects image and template patient data in order to help clinicians analyze the effectiveness of various treatments for different diseases.

With the collection of Big Data and the application of smart AI tools, our vision is to support clinical decision-making and further improve healthcare outcomes.


Benefits: Profiting from Brainlab Cloud Services


As a trusted provider of cloud computing in healthcare, the privacy and security of your patients ’ information is our first priority.

Find out about Brainlab Cloud Services security features as well as the organizational polices Brainlab has in place to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, as well as all Protected Health Information (PHI) of your patients, during medical data exchange.


Brainlab Cloud Services Subscriptions

Brainlab Cloud Services subscription is free of charge for any medical professional and can be set up immediately and in less than 5 minutes.

Brainlab Cloud Services seamlessly integrates with your PACS or any other imaging modality and securely routes medical images directly to your account.


Visit our FAQ page for any questions you might have about Brainlab Cloud Services or secure medical image sharing.

Brainlab Cloud Services Technical Information

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