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Corporate roles

Individually and as teams, we supply Brainlab with amazing talent, we take care of our building, we keep the business running, and protect our interests and those of our customers.

Open positions

Why we do what we do

We are the backbone of Brainlab, helping to support the entire company and ultimately all patients and their clinicians. Behind the scenes, we ensure that all processes run smoothly and efficiently for everyone at Brainlab and beyond.

Areas of expertise

Finance & Accounting

The Finance department supports Brainlab AG and its group subsidiaries by ensuring global financial activities are processed on time and in compliance with local and international requirements. The Finance team works closely with colleagues and external partners including suppliers, customers, investors and tax authorities around the world.

Human Resources

Human Resources handles the affairs of Brainlab employees. While most of their work focuses on delivering service to Brainlab staff, HR also works closely with management to help develop long-term strategies for the growth and development of the company.

Facility Management

The Facility Management department makes everyday life at Brainlab offices possible and keeps the whole system running. Reception, the first faces you encounter when you visit Brainlab and the first voices you hear when you call, are also part of this important team.


The Legal department deals with legal issues that may come up in the course of business. Legal team members are qualified lawyers and part of their duties include risk assessment, reviewing of documents, filing for patents to protect our intellectual property and advising other departments on issues that may have legal consequences.


Brainlab Controlling designs and accompanies the management process of defining goals, planning and controlling and, thus, has a joint responsibility with management to reach their objectives. As a business partner, Brainlab Controlling provides process knowledge, data analyses and business intelligence reports to all divisions within the company.


The Purchasing department provides a wide range of goods at the right time, in the right amount and quality, at a reasonable price. Purchasing works closely with our internal customers to provide them with commercial and operational expertise as well as with external contacts and innovative partners to support their flexibility, creativity and innovations.

Corporate PMO

Our Corporate Project Management Office is active in managing projects in all areas of Brainlab from the top down. Always with overarching corporate goals in sight, we create value and optimize processes and organization structures to achieve these goals.

How we hire

We are committed to providing applicants with the best experience when they apply for a job at Brainlab. After all, you may be walking the halls or representing us in your region soon, so we’re going to show you how valuable you are from get-go! Generally speaking, the process can involve a discovery call, video interview and/or personal interview and further assessment rounds to determine that you’re the right fit at Brainlab.

1. Submit application

Check out our open opportunities and apply online. Didn’t find the position you were hoping for? Sign up for our Talent Pool so we can access your application for future positions.

2. Discovery call

As a first step, we’ll have a telephone interview. This call is a chance to discover a little more about you and clarify any open questions you may have. If it’s a success, we’ll get back to you about next steps within two weeks.

3. Assessment Round

If the role requires specific technical skills, you’ll likely to be invited to an assessment round before or after the discovery call. Depending on the position, you may be asked to complete specific tasks to test your skill.

4. Face-to-face Interview

If you’ve done well in the previous rounds, it’s time for a personal or video interview. We’ll ask you competency-based and technical questions, if applicable, and answer any queries you have about the role and company.

5. Leadership Interview

Depending on the role, you may also be asked to join an interview with our leadership, like a member of our General Management team.


Yes, of course! There are many positions that focus mainly on position and field-specific qualifications, like those in Corporate Functions, for example.

The official language of Brainlab is American English.

We’d love to have copies of your CV, transcripts of your records and certifications, as well as your references, salary expectations and earliest possible start date. Please be sure to include a cover letter so we can get to know you a little better!

Business casual. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable!

Our core values

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