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Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology encompasses many of our career categories. Research & Development is at the heart of Brainlab, developing the innovative products we bring to the healthcare market. Information technology is also home here, ensuring that our IT systems are ready to support product development.

Open positions

Why we do what we do

Having a direct impact on the field of medical technology means that we also have a direct impact on the lives of patients. Helping to advance treatments for them and improve the work of their clinicians is what drives us every day.

Areas of expertise

Research & Development

Split into major areas like Surgery, Radiotherapy and Digital O.R., R&D consists of around 700 developers working out of headquarters in Munich. These teams conceptualize and create our innovative technologies. In addition to surgery and radiotherapy software, R&D also develops hardware components to expand the functionality of these applications, like surgical navigation platforms, patient positioning & monitoring systems, intraoperative imaging and robotic devices, instruments and much more.

Information Technology

As a strategic partner, our extensive IT department enables digital efficiency, delivers value and helps to make Brainlab a success. The core mission of IT at Brainlab is to provide innovative, high quality services and solutions in various areas, such as Enterprise Architecture and Customer Orientation.

Usability & Design

Bringing form and function together. This unique team focuses on how the user interacts with both our software and hardware products. At Brainlab, we strive to offer products that are easy-to-use, intuitive and fit right into existing clinical workflows. Our Usability & Design team takes care of Usability Engineering, User Experience Design as well as central front-end software engineering for all Brainlab products.

Quality Management

Ensuring the highest quality of our products as they are developed and after they’re installed in hospitals around the world is absolutely paramount. The measures taken in the Quality Management department have a direct impact on keeping patients safe and providing them with effective treatments. On the day-to-day, QM translates external legal requirements into Brainlab procedures and policies, for example, for product development and risk management or for customer complaint handling.

How we hire

We are committed to providing applicants with the best experience when they apply for a job at Brainlab. After all, you may be walking the halls or representing us in your region soon, so we’re going to show you how valuable you are from get-go! Generally speaking, the process can involve a discovery call, video interview and/or personal interview and further assessment rounds to determine that you’re the right fit at Brainlab.

1. Submit application

Check out our open opportunities and apply online. Didn’t find the position you were hoping for? Sign up for our Talent Pool so we can access your application for future positions.

2. Discovery call

As a first step, we’ll have a telephone interview. This call is a chance to discover a little more about you and clarify any open questions you may have. If it’s a success, we’ll get back to you about next steps within two weeks.

3. Assessment Round

If the role requires specific technical skills, you’ll likely to be invited to an assessment round before or after the discovery call. Depending on the position, you may be asked to complete specific tasks to test your skill.

4. Face-to-face Interview

If you’ve done well in the previous rounds, it’s time for a personal or video interview. We’ll ask you competency-based and technical questions, if applicable, and answer any queries you have about the role and company.

5. Leadership Interview

Depending on the role, you may also be asked to join an interview with our leadership, like a member of our General Management team.


Someone from the team to which you applied will facilitate this call. HR is not yet part of the interview process.

The official language of Brainlab is English, so you can always assume that English will be spoken during interviews. If all interview participants speak German, the interview may be held in German as well.

Yes, generally speaking you can. We recommend that you first apply for the job that interests you the most, and let us know in your cover letter that you are also interested in other positions. We always review all the applications we receive and will direct you towards another position, should it be a better fit.

Generally, yes. Each unsuccessful application is only related to the position, not the candidate.

A discovery call via telephone will take about 30 minutes. Personal interviews can last anywhere from one and a half to three hours, depending on the position.

Candidates are responsible for their own work visa application process, however, we will of course supply you with any documents and information you may need. Click here to learn more about the visa process.

Our Core Values

Uncover all the ins and outs of our culture and philosophy and how they impact our day-to-day work and the advanced medical technology products we create.

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