Knee 3 – Balance In Motion

4. April 2014


Brainlab is delighted to launch our state-of-the-art knee application Knee 3, a complete re-envisioning of software-guided surgery for total knee replacement. Knee 3 allows for real-time assessment of the knee as a complete kinematic structure, predicting final joint stability during every step of surgery. A continuously updated graph measures and charts the range of motion of the entire knee joint based on the actual geometry of the selected implant model, prior to performing any cuts. With even more automation and less system interaction, Knee 3 is enhanced by Dynamic Adaptation, a feature that completely leaves the power of control with the surgeon and enables the software to adjust, in real-time, to the surgical environment. Knee 3 is a new approach of software-guided surgery for knee replacement procedures providing the flexibility to manage unforeseen circumstances on-the-fly and supporting surgeons with beneficial information during surgery.