Spinal Navigation Application

Straightforward Spine Navigation

Brainlab Spinal Navigation delivers more accurate pedicle screw placement and enables drastic reduction of X-Ray exposure

Brainlab Spinal Navigation for image-guided spinal surgery
Spinal Navigation at cervical spine on CT scan for C1-C2 screw placement

Increased Accuracy

Brainlab Spinal Navigation provides an image-guided open navigation platform for spinal surgery which delivers more accurate pedicle screw placement compared to conventional surgical techniques¹. Navigation of implants and instruments is possible in 2D images, 3D scans, MR or CT datasets in all stages of surgery—from incision planning to implant placement.

  • Accurate planning of incisions and trajectories with any instrument
  • Safe placement of implants, especially in anatomical critical areas
  • Guidance for posterior incision and approach for minimally invasive implant placement
Spinal Navigation at lumbar spine on fluoroscopic images for pedicle screw placement

Decreased X-Ray Exposure

Brainlab Spinal Navigation enables reduction of X-Ray exposure to the surgical team and the patient². Through real time visualization of instruments, skin incisions and trajectories can be planned with any instrument at skin level, for example, in routine minimally invasive lower lumbar spine surgery.

  • Reduction of X-Ray exposure to surgical team and patients
  • Planning of skin incision and trajectory on skin level
  • Real time visualization of instruments in 2D images, 3D scans, MR or CT scans
Computer assisted surgery for tumor resection at thoracic spine

Multiple Treatable Indications

The indication range of Brainlab Spinal Navigation spans cervical and high thoracic dorsal instrumentations to routine lower lumbar surgery, complex deformity surgery, tumor treatment and surgery planning. Both, pre- and intraoperative images can be registered for navigation.

  • Placement of C1-C2 screws and pedicle screws in any area of the spine
  • Assistance in complex deformity correction and tumor surgery
  • Surgical planning within the navigation software
Navigation-ready instruments from Brainlab for Spinal Navigation assist in pedicle screw placement, tumor resection and scoliosis treatment

Smart Instrument Integration

In addition to a range of Brainlab instruments, cooperations with selected 3rd party manufacturers—DePuy Synthes, ulrich medical and Aesculap—also provide navigation-ready integrated instruments for smooth and seamless workflows. Moreover, the open platform principle of Brainlab Spinal Navigation enables other suitable 3rd party instruments to be manually calibrated for navigation by attaching universal adapter clamps.

  • Preservation of standard clinical workflow
  • Visualization of pre-calibrated instruments in 3D geometry
  • Integration of other suitable instruments with universal adapter clamps


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