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Novalis Knowledge

Together we are at the forefront of radiosurgery
treatment planning and delivery

With 30+ years of experience in transforming radiosurgery treatment
planning and delivery, we want to share our insights, support growth
and stimulate innovation. Healthcare professionals, experts and
newcomers involved in stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic
body radiation therapy are invited to experience the benefits of the
Brainlab Novalis Knowledge program and services.

Brainlab Novalis Knowledge is a program comprised of four uniquely tailored 
services that train, connect, advance and certify all involved specialties. These
sophisticated services help Brainlab customers stay on the cutting edge of 
radiosurgery planning and treatments.


Brainlab Academy is an educational program that offers in-person and digital training courses that cover comprehensive radiosurgery treatment planning curriculum.

Illustration: Brainlab Academy classroom training for radiosurgery planning solutions

Novalis Circle

Brainlab Novalis Circle is a global network that connects healthcare professionals dedicated to the advancement of radiosurgery and enables them to exchange insights and collaborate, develop new ideas and continuously shape cancer treatment of the future.


Novalis SRS

Brainlab Novalis SRS Registry* is a service that supports all clinical specialties involved in radiosurgical diagnoses and treatments with tools for reporting, intelligently structuring and visualizing clinical data from different sources to advance patient-specific treatment decisions.


* commercially not available


Novalis Certified is a certification program dedicated to SRS and SBRT that uses an independent Novalis Circle group to conduct external audits to maintain consistency in radiosurgery treatments and high standards in patient safety.

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