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Orthopedic calibration devices

Accurate calibration
in orthopedic imaging

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Orthopedic calibration devices

Accurate calibration in orthopedic imaging

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Address magnification factors to ensure accurate templating

Accurate templating and sizing of implants in orthopedic surgeries can reduce the duration of the procedure and the risk of complications.1 Yet, accurate templating is only possible when the radiological magnification factor is known. Using calibration techniques reduces magnification errors caused by patient size and position and helps you achieve accurate digital templating.2

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Calibration for every case

Whether you’re taking anteroposterior (AP) pelvic images or preparing for knee, upper limb and foot & ankle procedures, for the most accurate preop planning process, you’ll need the right type of calibration device. Our calibration devices suit your imaging needs for a wide range of cases.


For AP pelvic images


For knee, upper limb, foot and ankle

Precision from calibration to planning

Accurate calibration is the first step towards achieving precision in preop planning. State-of-the-art KingMark and VoyantMark are compatible with TraumaCad, ensuring that you benefit from the gold standard in both calibration and preop planning for your orthopedic workflows.

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Streamline your templating process by using KingMark, our patented3, adjustable, state-of-the-art double-marker calibration tool for AP pelvic X-Ray images. In clinical trials4 KingMark was shown to be superior to conventional, single-ball markers.

Advantages of KingMark

  • Fits any patient size
  • Quick, easy and non-invasive positioning
  • Automatically recognized by TraumaCad, thanks to its exclusive compatibility
  • Allows you to perform hip navigation smoothly with Smith + Nephew RI.HIP Navigation technology


VoyantMark, our single marker device, aids in measuring patient anatomy for hip, knee, shoulder and foot & ankle procedures. This device is automatically recognized while performing preop planning and allows for the selection of the most appropriate template.

Advantages of VoyantMark

  • Positioned easily by adjusting the 1-inch stainless steel ball on its flexible arm to the level of the bone
  • Eliminates the variable of X-Ray magnification factor from the process of orthopedic templating
  • TraumaCad automatically detects the presence of VoyantMark and sizes the image accurately to ensure precise measurement and template selection

Interested in learning more about calibration?

Interested in learning more about calibration?


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