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Orthopedic Digital Templating

TraumaCad® software sets the standard in digital templating, allowing surgeons to quickly and accurately plan orthopedic procedures

Digital Orthopedic Templating with TraumaCad allows surgeons to precisely and speedily plan orthopedic surgeries
TraumaCad includes many tools for numerous orthopedic indications that simplify the planning process

Powerful Tools for Multiple Indications

TraumaCad provides orthopedic surgeons with digital tools to preoperatively plan procedures and simulate the expected surgical outcome, as well as quickly assess clinical measurements, prostheses size, and visualize osteotomies and fracture reductions.

  • Automatic detection of anatomical regions in the image saves valuable time for planning THR, TKR, Deformity Correction and Taylor Spatial Frame
  • Automatic detection of calibration devices for precise measurements and appropriate template selection
  • Component size prediction and configuration with an always up-to-date template library
  • Pre-surgical reports include patient and surgery information
  • Seamless integration with virtually any PACS, in the viewer or independently
  • Cutting edge mobile version for Total Joint Replacement planning on the go
Planning a hip arthroplasty procedure with TraumaCad and KingMark calibration device

Automatic Planning for Hip Arthroplasty

TraumaCad includes a quick and intuitive preoperative Total Hip Replacement planning module with post-operative outcome analysis.

  • Automatically sizes and places the preferred cup and stem
  • Reduction feature assesses leg length and offset with varying component selection
  • Post-operative assessment tools determine stem and cup anteversion
  • User defined kits speed implant selection
  • KingMark, a double calibration device for AP pelvic X-Ray images, accurately calibrates images and measures patient anatomy
Planning total knee replacement (TKR) surgery with TraumaCad Digital Templating

Rapid Auto-Planning for Knee Arthroplasty

TraumaCad Auto Knee planning allows the surgeon to quickly and easily assess resections for joint line preservation, plan for optimal alignment, and predict component size.

  • Automatic positioning of resection lines and template position and sizing
  • Automatic creation of fragments to visualize the expected knee alignment
  • Post-op outcome wizard quickly displays varus/valgus alignment, flexion, and posterior slope of femoral and tibial components
  • User defined kits speed implant selection
Intelligent measuring and templating tools help surgeons to quickly plan even complex procedures for deformity correction, pediatric, trauma, spine, upper limb, foot & ankle procedures

Advanced Measurement and Templating Functionalities

TraumaCad is a procedure-oriented application which includes an extensive digital template library and offers a full set of wizards and measurement tools. In addition to Hip and Knee, TraumaCad includes Deformity, Pediatric, Trauma, Spine, Upper Limb, Foot and Ankle, and 3D planning modules.

  • Deformity—Easy-to-use wizards produce measurements and provide planning tools for deformity correction including external fixation
  • Pediatric—Wide range of pediatric specific measurements, including hip deformity analysis and growth calculator
  • Trauma—Define, rotate, and reduce fracture fragments, and determine nail, screw and plate sizes
  • Spine—Multiple spine measurement tools, including Cobb angle, osteotomy, and fragments manipulation
Collaborate with implant professionals from anywhere with secure cloud-based access

Collaborate with Partners and Professionals

TraumaCad is designed to support collaboration between staff and implant partners. Via Quentry, surgeons can easily share their original and templated images with colleagues and implant representatives in order to consult and confirm the plan.

  • Secure collaboration allows the implant rep and surgeon to plan and view the same case
  • Generates detailed pre-surgical case reports that include part numbers, sizes, and other planning information
  • Summary reports include required inventory for all upcoming cases
  • Reps can access case images, generate reports, and plan with TraumaCad remotely
Regardless of location or device, TraumaCad is available to assist surgeons easily plan orthopedic procedures

Solutions Tailored for Every Need

TraumaCad offers different business modules tailored to the surgeon’s needs. All editions include the automatically updated template library, PACS integration, automatic calibration and image detection, and automatic software upgrades.

  • TraumaCad Server—Windows server-based software for medium/large healthcare facilities
  • TraumaCad Web—Monthly subscription for small/medium healthcare facilities and personal use. Access TraumaCad through Quentry from any internet-connected PC
  • TraumaCad Mobile—HTML5 web application for iPad and any PC or Mac web browser