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Cirq for Cranial

Align your procedures with cranial robotics

Align your procedures with cranial robotics

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Simplify precision with robotic guidance for cranial procedures

Cirq robotics brings together a stable positioning arm with tailored robotic modules to support with specific surgical tasks. For neurosurgery, the Cirq Robotic Alignment Module Cranial1 evolved from the success of our manual precision instrument alignment tool, VarioGuide.

Compared to that, alignment with Cirq is even simpler as our Cranial Navigation software and Cirq work in tandem to not only provide trajectory-based positioning guidance, but also to perform the last, most critical alignment step automatically.

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Achieve biopsy alignment accuracy with robotic cranial surgery

Robot-assisted brain surgery with Cirq Robotic Alignment Module Cranial allows you to boost alignment accuracy. Conveniently define trajectories with Elements Trajectory Planning or acquire trajectories intraoperatively using a virtual instrument offset. 3D views guide you towards the planned biopsy trajectory, followed by distances from the biopsy needle to the target being displayed on the navigation screen.

A Cirq robotic cranial surgery arm points its module at a rendered representation of a surgical navigation software screen

The advantages of robotic assistance in cranial surgery

A draped Cirq robotic surgical arm system holds a cranial surgery module with biopsy needle inserted into it in front of a gray background

Seamless workflow with navigation-ready instruments

  • Alignment software visually guides you toward the region of interest
  • After rough manual positioning, Cirq automatically aligns itself to the planned biopsy trajectory
  • Pre-calibrated biopsy needle with guide tube facilitates seamless performance

Stability and precision during biopsy alignment

  • Custom 3.4mm drill guide helps keep incisions small
  • Dedicated biopsy anchor for the skull adds stability to the setup
  • Tracks pre-calibrated biopsy needle insertion along the trajectory including distance measurement
The cranial surgery module of a robotic surgical arm system holds a navigated biopsy needle as it hovers over a blue representation of a skull in front of a light gray background

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