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Our vision for mixed realitySensational

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When you assess a patient, you examine them from all sides. You walk around and interact with them. What if you could do the same with their digital images?


Brainlab Mixed Reality lets you interact with patient data as you would with patients.

The evolution of interaction

The way medical practitioners have interacted with patient data has evolved over time.
Explore the digital interaction devices that carved a path for mixed reality.

Keyboards - 1960'sMouse control - 1980'sTouch interfacesSpatial computing - Today


Derived from the typewriter, keyboards were the first devices for users to input and interact with data on early computers.

Photo of a hand typing on a keyboard

Enhancing your interaction

Make mixed your reality. Discover where we see mixed reality adding a new dimension for better insights.

Patient consultationTeaching & trainingOperating room

Patient consultation

Enable patients to better understand their diagnosis and the surgical approach by showing them their own anatomy and the procedural plan in 3D. Facilitate shared decision-making with patients and family members in mixed reality.


Develop your vision for mixed reality

You can push the evolution of interaction by joining the Brainlab Mixed Reality Development Framework. Create third party spatial computing applications for surgery, radiotherapy, and other medical interventions.


Our vision becomes realityMixed Reality Viewer is our first software that brings our vision for spatial computing to life.

Combining powerful mixed reality software and Magic Leap hardware

Enter the world of mixed reality through the Magic Leap spatial computing platform. Interact with the digital and physical world with the Lightwear, Lightpack and Control.


Interacting with the Digital Patient Model

Working with a “digital twin” of your patients gives you more complete insights into their real anatomy. The uniquely complete Digital Patient Model forms the basis of Brainlab Elements treatment planning software.

Illustration: Mixed Reality - Interacting with the Digital Patient Model for comprehensive insights into patient anatomy
  1. Not yet commercially available in several countries. Please contact your sales representative.

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