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Mixed Reality Viewer

Patient Data

in 3D

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Mixed Reality Viewer

Visualize Patient in 3D

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Add a new dimension to patient data. The Brainlab Mixed Reality Viewer1 is a technology that produces hyper-realistic 3D patient data, enabling healthcare professionals to review patient data in an interactive and collaborative environment while gaining a high level of spatial anatomic orientation and awareness.

Access to patient data in 3D

The Mixed Reality Viewer offers the benefits of a quick-to-produce, interactive digital environment that vividly displays patient anatomy, pathology and spatial relationships in 3D. When used in combination with Brainlab Elements, users also gain access to automatically segmented anatomical structures.

Detailed surgical planning review

By incorporating Mixed Reality Viewer software and dedicated viewing hardware into the surgical planning review process, medical professionals can resize, zoom in and even walk through specific parts of a patient’s anatomy, enabling them to gain important additional insights that might not be visible on a 2D screen.

Comprehensive collaboration features
The Mixed Reality Viewer is designed to enable multiple users to collaborate during the same session and even log on from different locations. Using this approach, surgical teams can easily discuss and review plans.


>110 installations*

The Mixed Reality Viewer has been installed in over 110* hospitals around the world


of customers**

96% of Brainlab customers claim to be more prepared for surgery after using the Mixed Reality Viewer


Over 2D

Brainlab customers agree that reviewing patient-specific 3D models with the Mixed Reality Viewer allows for easier identification of anatomical structures compared to viewing them on a standard 2D screen

*As of October 2023

**Based on a 34-person customer survey

Add a new dimension to surgery with mixed reality

Explore unique patient anatomy in 3D

Access perspectives tailored to individual cases with our indication-specific 3D views.

  • CMF
  • FSN
  • SEEG
  • Cranial
  • Vascular
  • Spine

Easy integration into unique
clinical workflows

Develop your vision
for mixed reality

Learn more about mixed reality
and its role in healthcare

The use of mixed reality within the field of healthcare is at the beginning of an exciting journey.

The benefits of our mixed reality technology
can be applied to a variety of surgical indications

Functional Neurosurgery

Visualize the 3D relationship between patient-specific basal ganglia structures, 3D shapes of DBS/SEEG electrodes, stimulation field models and more.

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CMF Surgery

View the spatial relationships between bone, tumor and implant in 3D for CMF trauma fractures and tumor cases.


Peel through the brain layers to gain insights into tumor expansion and surrounding anatomical structures or vascular cases.

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Review planned surgical procedures, anatomical structures and implant positions.

Our vision for mixed reality


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Our vision for mixed reality


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Follow the flow
of data

Gain access to deeper insights with a combination of Mixed Reality Viewer software and dedicated viewing hardware


Not yet commercially available in several countries. Please contact your sales representative.