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Mixed Reality Viewer for Spine

Experience Planning
Review in a
New Dimension

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Mixed Reality Viewer for Spine

Experience Planning Review in a New Dimension

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Review plans for spine surgery in 3D. The Mixed Reality Viewer1 is a software that works in tandem with Brainlab Elements to produce hyper-realistic 3D patient data. In the context of spine surgery, this software enables medical professionals to review planned surgical procedures as well as explore anatomical structures and planned implant positions.


Accurate 3D visualization

The Mixed Reality Viewer can display an accurate and complete 3D visualization of patient-specific surgical plans. When it comes to spine procedures, it can support medical teams in better preparing for complex cases including trauma, degenerative or the resection of tumors. It can also be used to review critical structures including nerve routes and the spinal canal.

Immersive medical education

Medical students and residents have the opportunity to increase their understanding of patient anatomy and evaluate surgical approaches in a team with the Mixed Reality Viewer. By offering features like multi-user sessions, instructors can also use the Mixed Reality Viewer to train students in an accessible, interactive and immersive 3D environment.

Informative patient consultation

Patient consultation sessions can be taken to the next level with the Mixed Reality Viewer. With this technology, patients can see their specific procedural plan in hyperrealistic 3D and better understand their diagnosis and the surgical approach.

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Technical features of
mixed reality for spine cases

Spine planning review enters a new dimension with the use of mixed reality. By leveraging the potential of this approach, users can quickly and easily assess complex spine deformities, review surgical plans for screw placements and benefit from access to multiplanar reconstructions in 3D.

Mixed Reality Viewer
for spine deformities

  • Review complex 3D anatomy and use the annotation label tool to mark critical structures like the spinal canal or nerve routes.
  • Combine 2D data with a 3D model to get an optimal overview.
  • Review screw placement in a more intuitive way and gain a better understanding of placements than on a 2D screen.
  • Experience an easy-to-use alternative to 3D printed models, which are occasionally used during the planning of complex deformity cases.

Mixed Reality Viewer
for spine tumors

  • Gain a better understanding of the spatial relationship between spine tumors and organs at risk, such as the aorta and the spinal cord.
  • Analyze the infiltration of a tumor into the spinal canal by simply erasing vertebras with the eraser tool.
  • Review your surgical approach with the trajectory view to combine the information provided by 2D imaging data with your 3D model.

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Expand your perspective
with the Mixed Reality Viewer

With a single click and a glance, your room is digitized for spatial computing. Images are transferred from the Elements Viewer software on screen into the room in front of you with the help of the Magic Leap spatial computing platform.

Start with a click

A single click on the Elements Viewer software opens up the world of mixed reality and a new, immersive way to understand patient data.

Customizable hardware features

Cameras in the Magic Leap 2 scan and map the room, allowing 3D models and 2D slices to be displayed according to the surgeon’s preference.

Assess, interact, learn

The virtual pointer makes it easy to interact with and highlight the image data and anatomical structures.

Easy integration into unique
clinical workflows

Mixed Reality Viewer Platform

Visualize Patient Data
in 3D

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Mixed Reality Viewer Platform

Visualize Patient Data in 3D

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