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Snke OS

Snke OS, a Brainlab Company

Snke OS™ is a universally deployable digital B2B platform that delivers a broad & comprehensive operating system to power applications for third party development. Fueled by AI & big data analytics, Snke OS delivers the technology & infrastructure that powers & advances industry-wide digital health tech innovation.

Snke OS platform content providers are able to easily upload their apps & stacks. Content consumers are able to access the platform to develop best-in-class applications across a broad range of specialties including cardiac, neuro, spine, liver, vascular & abdominal & more. The Snke OS ecosystem becomes stronger each time providers & consumers contribute, driving use cases & best practices across the healthcare value chain.

The company’s safe & secure infrastructure powers health tech & makes it easy for users to tap into one or all the levels.

  • Run your AI with our foundational technology
  • Drive use cases & best practices across the healthcare value chain
  • Leap your competition with anatomical, spatial, video & statistical data
  • Go to market fast using our foundational infrastructure

The Snke OS team of 150 people, headquartered in Munich, will enable partners across the healthcare industry to deploy digital solutions for safer & more efficient interventions. Lead fast & lead first at Snke OS. Challenge your understanding of the world working at Snke OS. Let’s disrupt the industry together.

Level Ex. Now a Brainlab Company.

Level Ex. Now a Brainlab Company.
Level Ex. Now a Brainlab Company.

Level Ex. Now a Brainlab Company.

Level Ex is a Chicago-based company that creates video games designed to advance the clinical skills of physicians & surgeons. The company’s gaming platform provides a consequence-free environment for physicians to problem-solve & be exposed to new surgical techniques, the latest drug therapies & medical devices from any phone, tablet or headset. The Level Ex expertise & product portfolio align with the broader Brainlab strategy to drive value creation across the healthcare data economy.

Today, the balance between data, technology & people plays a critical role in healthcare’s digital transformation. Brainlab recognizes that there is an urgency to deliver agile & scalable solutions in the immersive virtual, mobile & gamification space to help drive meaningful development & the adoption of digital medical technology across the value chain—from concept & development to sales, education & training to clinical decision support to global access to & consistency of treatment. The company is already integrating Level Ex technology across vertical & horizontal products with the Brainlab 3D Viewer software & a virtual sales tool for the company’s ExacTrac Dynamic patient position & monitoring system.

Founded in 2015, Level Ex is now considered one of the most innovative gaming companies as well as one of the healthcare industry’s ‘unexpected disruptors.’ With a user base of more than 600,000 medical professionals including half the medical students in the US, Level Ex keeps physicians current in their specialties through presenting the ongoing challenges of practicing medicine as highly rated mobile games featuring continuing medical education (CME). The company recently received a prestigious grant from the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) to help NASA build a framework for future astronaut medical training.

The Level Ex team brings a wealth of experience to the Brainlab group with backgrounds in large platform companies, digital health, & the computer gaming industry. The 100-person company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Brainlab at the end of May & will continue to independently operate from its downtown Chicago office retaining its existing management team, products & client base.

VisionTree. A Brainlab Company and part of the Snke OS ecosystem.

VisionTree, a Brainlab Company
VisionTree, a Brainlab Company

VisionTree. A Brainlab Company and part of the Snke OS ecosystem.

VisionTree, part of the Snke OS global digital health tech platform, is a leader in cloud-based, patient-reported outcomes, patient engagement, population health and multi-center research/registry solutions. VisionTree aims to improve the transparency of information for patient wellness and care by delivering patient-centric data exchange, interoperability and outcomes tracking across communities. The company has extensive experience in providing tools and standardized forms for collecting granular and well-structured outcomes data directly from consenting patients: more than 600 global healthcare providers (including large groups) and 2.5 million patients already rely on the VisionTree ePRO technology.

After more than a decade in clinical use, VisionTree has documented improvements in the clinical and research workflows, including 40%+ improved compliance for capturing longitudinal patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs), 10 minutes per-form staff-time saved, and 20% increased patient satisfaction.1

The VisionTree acquisition re-emphasizes the Brainlab commitment to quantifying medical procedure outcomes by taking a closer look at patient quality of life and condition after treatment. The Brainlab investment into integrating objective measures into critical interventions follows the trend acknowledged by payers and providers from a fee-for-service towards a fee-for-value healthcare system.

Brainlab software today is digitally entrenched in a growing number of critical treatment workflows, generating a unique array of structured, validated, digital data. This workflow data is correlated with detailed anatomical data, stemming from the unique anatomical mapping capabilities of Brainlab. The results are powerful clinical registries with a wealth of otherwise hardly accessible data. The company’s efforts are enhanced by VisionTree in three ways: extensive experience in providing tools and standardized forms for collecting granular and well-structured outcomes data directly from consenting patients; proven integration capabilities with leading electronic health record (EHR), research and registry platforms; and the capture of semantically structured data otherwise only available in text format through point-of-care electronic forms, i.e. patient demographics during patient admission entered on a tablet PC.

The VisionTree team continues to deliver on the long-term vision of patient-centered outcomes being essential to patient/provider communication, research, quality benchmarking, population health data management and value-based care. The 30+ person company became a wholly owned Brainlab subsidiary in early 2020 and continues to operate from their offices in San Diego, California.

1 Data on file with Brainlab and VisionTree.

Mint Medical. Now a Brainlab Company

Mint Medical, a Brainlab Company
Mint Medical, a Brainlab Company

Mint Medical. Now a Brainlab Company

Mint Medical is a Heidelberg, Germany-based company developing structured and routinized processes in the standardization of diagnostic data. The company’s image reading and reporting software for clinical routine and research facilitates and automates the diagnostic process: While working through an image exam, the radiologist is supported in capturing all primary and secondary information that is relevant to the patient’s diagnosis and therapeutic decision making. The technology-enabled, context-sensitive way of radiological reporting bridges the gap between the image and the diagnostic report, yielding a structured, yet holistic view on the individual patient’s situation and clinical history.

The Brainlab and Mint Medical missions are closely aligned with both companies striving to democratize and accelerate the adoption curve of new technologies in healthcare. Together, the companies will offer existing Mint customers the ability to link data across multiple oncology subspecialties, from clinical to surgical to radiotherapy. Integrating patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) from VisionTree, a Brainlab company, will further add valuable longitudinal data to the pool available for analysis. Mint Medical clinical trial users will benefit from Brainlab technology for cloud computing, image data analysis, and patient-reported outcomes measures, putting the patient at the center. Brainlab and Mint Medical will jointly improve the technological infrastructure for managing clinical trials as well as large scale registries.

The acquisition expands the Brainlab oncology portfolio by frontloading the treatment planning process with more detailed, structured, and clinically relevant information. During tumor board meetings, participants will gain access to standardized reports on radiological findings to support their discussion on patient-specific treatment decisions. Post-treatment, integrating data from oncology and radiology will enhance the follow-up process through a systematic response assessment. In addition to oncology, other subspecialties like spine surgery will benefit from the technology. Structured radiological reports will allow software-driven comparison and therefore independent validation through multiple experts either in the context of a clinical trial or for quality assurance.

The 30-person Mint team brings an entrepreneurial culture and wealth of clinical research and clinical routine experience to the Brainlab group. Mint Medical became a wholly owned Brainlab subsidiary in March 2021 and will continue to operate from its Heidelberg Germany offices and retain its existing management team.