First experiences with ExacTrac Dynamic Deep Inspiration Breath Hold workflow from GenesisCare Hollywood Private Hospital



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Please join our webinar as the team from GenesisCare Hollywood Private Hospital share their first experiences with the ExacTrac Dynamic’s Deep Inspiration Breath Hold workflow, as the first clinic in Asia-Pacific to use this technology.

In 2020, Brainlab installed ExacTrac Dynamic Patient Positioning and Monitoring system at GenesisCare Hollywood Private Hospital. The system’s deep integration with most linear accelerators enables thermal-surface triggered beam gating and repositioning. ExacTrac IGRT has always been the gold standard in frameless cranial, and high-precision spine stereotactic radiosurgery, enabling ablative treatments with minimal target margins. With the introduction of the DIBH workflow, Brainlab is now delivering the power of integrated IGRT to radiation therapy treatments for breast cancer patients.


Simon Goodall
Simon Goodall

Senior Medical Physics Specialist, GenesisCare Hollywood

Sarah King
Sarah King

Unit Leader Radiation Therapist, GenesisCare Hollywood

Anna Busiko
Anna Busiko

Radiation Therapist, GenesisCare Hollywood

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