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Key Visual: Brainlab Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery OverviewIncreasing the impact
of radiosurgery
through innovation
and digitalization

Future-proof technology for personalized therapy – As a pioneer in the field of precision radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), we support doctors by developing innovative technology that enables the best possible treatment options for patients.

Radiotherapy: An essential building block
for combination therapies

Although the number of cancer cases increases yearly, the rate of mortality from solid tumor cancers is slowly decreasing1. In the last years, radiosurgery has played an increasingly important role in combination with surgery, chemotherapies and immunotherapies for cancer treatment.

As one of the leaders in the field of precision radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery, we are motivated to critically evaluate and address unmet technological needs as well as consistently question the status quo. Our goal is to make high-quality radiosurgery accessible to physicians and patients worldwide. Radiosurgery can be beneficial to patients because, through this approach, solid tumors can be treated non-invasively and with only a few fractions of radiation. By sparing the patient’s healthy tissue as much as possible and preserving cognitive functions, the patient’s quality of life remains fully in focus.

Focusing on precision to
improve quality of life

By using Brainlab technology, physicians receive indication-specific tools for personalized decision-making and dose planning. Due to automated processes, treatment plans can be adapted to clinical needs within a very short timeframe. Brainlab software and hardware ensures accuracy from treatment planning to submillimetric precision during irradiation with the power of cutting-edge tracking technologies.

Based on our experience in cranial and spinal radiosurgery, Brainlab is developing indication-specific solutions for precise treatments of extracranial tumors such as in breast and lung.

Digitalization for individual,
personalized therapies

In general, one-size-fits-all treatments no longer apply. All cancer patients require personalized therapy. Digitalization and the use of digital patient data will lead radiosurgery into a new era. In the future, our approach will increasingly shift towards gaining deeper insights from existing data.

This information will be fed back into the software and, using artificial intelligence, will be used to draw conclusions and make recommendations for treatments. On top of this, both genetic and clinical data will be taken into consideration during treatment planning.

More information about
Brainlab surgery products:

Illustration showcasing Brainlab's Elements Software Solution

Brainlab Elements

Brainlab Elements are tailored to meet the needs of each individual indication. This software enables physicians to provide patient-specific treatments with the objective of improving outcomes and focusing on the quality of life of patients.
ExacTrac Dynamic Key Visual: Technology displayed, highlighting different layers

ExacTrac Dynamic

ExacTrac Dynamic®

ExacTrac Dynamic® enables patient positioning and monitoring for radiosurgery and radiotherapy with submillimetric accuracy. The system supports treatments for a wide range of tumors. 

Brainlab Novalis Knowledge

The objective of the Brainlab Novalis Knowledge Program is to keep our customers up to date with the latest research in the field of radiosurgery. The program consists of four uniquely tailored services that train, connect, advance and certify all involved specialties.

The Brainlab

Brainlab has invested in future technologies to support clinical professionals in the field of radiosurgery throughout the complete patient journey.

Green waves on a black background, illustrating the technology of Brainlab's Mint Medical

Mint Medical – Secure data infrastructure for radiotherapy

To store the data generated from radiation therapy procedures, we need a secure and privacy-compliant data infrastructure. By leveraging the technology from Brainlab company Mint Medical, we are creating a solid foundation to promote the sharing of data with other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. This will spread the comprehensive benefits of access to anonymized medical data in clinical, research and industrial applications.
Teaser image: Brainlab company Snke OS®

Snke OS – Digital patient
modeling for radiotherapy

Brainlab company Snke OS® is well-positioned in the field of artificial intelligence with its unique infrastructure and algorithms. As part of its company goals, Snke OS will support Brainlab in sharing its extensive know-how in the field of digital patient modeling with other stakeholders in the healthcare platform sector. This approach is focused on individually adapting anatomical patient models to the patient during the course of treatment, which can offer real benefits for digital surgery, radiation therapy and clinical studies.  
  1. Cancer deaths rose to 10 million worldwide in 2019 | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (