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Positioning & Target Control

Intrafractional Verification

ExacTrac, a fast and highly accurate X-Ray system, provides detailed target visualization and non-coplanar positioning and monitoring for stereotactic cranial radiosurgery treatments

Fast and highly precise X-Ray patient positioning and monitoring system for cranial indications
Helps ensure high accuracy during single or multi-fraction treatments with non-invasive patient friendly SRS mask immobilization system

Frameless Mask & Fixation System

The ExacTrac frameless radiosurgery system ensures highly accurate delivery of single or multi-fraction treatment with a patient-friendly mask that facilitates a streamlined workflow.

  • Enhanced cranial immobilization for highly accurate delivery of SRS
  • Reproducible conformity with a precise non-invasive stereotactic mask system
  • Highly rigid design prevents rotations in pitch and roll
  • Compatible with multiple couch tops
  • Allows for time-saving and patient-friendly treatment without compromising accuracy
Room-based system enables instant X-Ray imaging for position verification based on internal patient anatomy

Fast, Reliable & Highly Accurate Imaging 

ExacTrac is an independent room-based system that provides instantaneous X-Ray imaging for detailed target information based on the patient’s internal anatomy. When combined with a proprietary 6D fusion algorithm, it delivers fast and highly accurate patient positioning information.

  • Independent room-based system
  • Fast, reliable X-Ray image acquisition
  • Precise image fusion based on bony anatomy
ExacTrac allows for remote control of couch movements improving radiotherapy treatment efficiency

Automated Patient Positioning 

One of the essential requirements of a radiosurgery system is its ability to accurately and efficiently position the patient prior to treatment delivery. ExacTrac offers either 4D or 6D alignment with a range of robotic couches.

  • Remote control of couch movement without entering the treatment room
  • Improved efficiency of clinical workflows through reduction of overall treatment times*
  • Supports a range of 6D robotic couches
Independently verified patient position at non-coplanar angles due to room-based design

Non-Coplanar Verification

Stereotactic radiosurgery involves the planning and subsequent delivery of a highly conformal treatment plan which often entails non-coplanar treatment fields, especially in cranial indications. ExacTrac is uniquely positioned to independently verify the patient’s position at non-coplanar angles due to its room-based architecture, ensuring there are no in-room image verification limitations due to couch or gantry angles.

  • Internal verification of the patient’s position
  • No imaging limitations due to non-coplanar fields
  • No compromise on planning technique due to in-room image verification constraints

*Gevaert, T. et al. Setup Accuracy of the Novalis ExacTrac 6DOF System for Frameless Radiosurgery. Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 82, 6 (2011)