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Robotics for every
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Brainlab Robotics

Robotics for every
surgery patient

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A fresh approach to surgical robotics

Brainlab has been thinking about the future of robotic surgery since the late nineties. It wasn’t until 2016 when we began working closely with Medineering, a developer of application-specific robotic technologies, that we were struck by their fresh approach with their new surgical robot.

Unlike robotic surgery machines that start at over a million dollars and are limited by their size and surgical specialties, Medineering offered light-weight, vendor-neutral robotic surgical technology that was both cost effective and highly portable. In 2019, Brainlab acquired Medineering, working now as one unified team to develop Cirq.

Democratizing robotic surgery

Robotics developed from the human need to achieve feats that go beyond human abilities. In medicine, robotic surgical systems support surgeons with incredible precision and unmatched stamina. At Brainlab, we believe that every patient should have access to the advances of robotic assisted surgery. Ease-of-use, cost, portability or surgical discipline should never limit clinicians in giving their patients the best care possible.

Robotic surgery technology

Extending human capabilities with a portable robotic arm

Inspired by the work of surgeons, Cirq is a modular system, supporting procedures in a range of disciplines while perfectly fitting into surgical navigation and imaging workflows. Any surgical task requires a high level of fine motor control, accuracy and stamina. Especially during minimally invasive surgery and in complex anatomical regions, surgeons and patients can benefit from the reliability, consistency and precision of Cirq robotic assistance.

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Digital surgery benefits everyone

The advantages of robotic assisted surgery are not just felt by patients, but by surgeons too. Surgical procedures become more streamlined, intuitive surgical workflows become even smoother and more cost effective with less disposables required.

Robotic surgical tech allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery with confidence. Computer assisted surgery and robotics indeed go hand-in-robotic hand.

Robot assisted surgery benefits include:

  • Reliable, consistent support for surgeries
  • Stable, precise positioning of surgical instruments
  • Potential reduction of procedure time
  • Support with challenging approaches

Digital surgery is the way forward

Computer assisted robotic surgery is just one of many technologies that work together to digitalize the operating rooms of the future.

Brainlab Cirq - Robotic Assistant Surgical Arm

Get the reliable support you need during spinal surgeries with Cirq, our robotic surgical assistant.

A Cirq robotic surgical arm holding a cranial biopsy module is shown over a black background with transparent pink lines swirling around it

Get the reliable support you need during cranial surgeries with Cirq, our robotic cranial assistant.

Brainlab Loop-X - Mobile Intraoperative CT Imaging Robot

Transform how your surgical team acquires intraoperative images with our mobile imaging robot Loop-X.

Want to stay in the loop?

Want to stay in the loop?

Tomorrow’s technology today

Digital Spine Surgery at Brainlab is a vision, but it’s also a reality. Discover the technologies that have already been realized to enhance spine surgery from robotic imaging and surgical assistance to mixed reality.