Object Management Object Manipulation

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Data Menu


Object Manipulation automatically selects the most relevant data set and a default display.

To adjust the default layout, image set, and/or object list that is displayed, select Data to open the data menu.

Using the Data Menu






A list of available image sets.

Select MORE to edit the available sets.


A list of objects contained within the selected image set.

To display/hide all of the objects, select the eye icon.

Additional Objects

A list of available anatomical objects.

  • Use the search function to find a specific object (type * to view all objects).
  • Once selected, an object will appear under the Objects tab.

Available Layouts

  • 3D view (upper left)
  • Sequence of slices (option to switch between ACS slices)
  • 3D view (upper left)
  • Axial, coronal and sagittal (ACS) slices
  • Single slice (option to switch between ACS slices)

Article No. 60917-69EN

Date of publication: 2018-05-07