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Screen Layout in Spine SRS Workflows

Using SmartBrush in Spine SRS Workflows

In Spine SRS workflows, SmartBrush can be used to create a GTV. It also proposes a CTV and an OAR, cropped, according to the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) guidelines.

It allows an accurate voxel-based object correction or segmentation with Smart Brush, Brush 2D and Brush 3D.

Spine SRS Layout

No. Explanation

View area

Currently selected object

Contains process information and possible warnings

Currently visible GTV/CTV/OAR

Available Layouts



Spine displays:

  • A 3D reconstruction of the spine vertebrae (top left)
  • A 3D reconstruction of the vertebra sectors (top middle)
  • ACS views of one image set (middle)
  • Multi-modality view (bottom)

Side by Side displays two image sets in the view area.

Article No. 60917-66EN

Date of publication: 2018-07-17