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Multi-Modal Options

About Multi-Modal Options

If you are using slice sets coregistered by Image Fusion, you can display and modify objects in all fused slice sets.

A multi-modal object is created automatically when using different sets for segmentation.

If the multi-modal drawing is performed in a multi-modal layout (e.g., in Side by Side or Spinal view):

  • The two image sets displayed in the views are considered by the algorithm
If the multi-modal drawing is performed in a mono-modal view layout:

  • The first two image sets in which the object is drawn are considered by the algorithm.
  • With a third image set, the multi-modal algorithm also takes into consideration the gray value information from up to three image sets to draw the object.

Example Containing Multi-Modal Image Sets


Information Data Used for Outlining

Outline the tumor in an MR-T1 set

MR-T1 set

Switch view to a fused MR-T2 set and continue outlining

MR-T1 and MR-T2

Article No. 60917-66EN

Date of publication: 2018-07-17